Join idyn at Direction 4 Partners Days of Knowledge NORDIC 2022

CEO and founder Frans Gemen will take you through the steps from a sales order to a shipped parcel.

During the Directions 4 Partners Days of Knowledge idyn will host an ISV session to show you how you can optimize your full (e-commerce) sales and shipping process in Business Central.

Overview of the steps:

  • Ka-Ching! You’ve got a sales order (in Magento).
  • Your sales order is automatically imported in BC using Commerce 365.
  • Create a transport order using ShipIT 365.
  • Select the ideal option form the linked nShift carriers (carrier select).
  • Pick & pack using Mobile WMS (Tasklet Factory) and print your label directly from your handheld device.
  • If you don’t use a Mobile WMS, print your label directly from Business Central. 
  • Even if your carrier is not linked to the nShift platform, you can still ship with them using the ConnectIT 365 export functionality. 

Join Directions 4 Partners Days of Knowledge 2022 

Download Commerce 365 from AppSource
Download ShipIT 365 from AppSource
Download ConnectIT 365 from AppSource