ApproveIT 365

Sign, store, and automate follow-up of your quotes in Business Central with ApproveIT 365.

ApproveIT 365 | Sign, store, and automate follow-up of your quotes in Business Central with ApproveIT 365.

Keeping on track with the quotes & contracts you’ve sent to your prospects will no longer be a time-consuming process. ApproveIT 365 sends your quotes directly to your prospects for approval, fetches your signed sales quote into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and promotes it directly to a sales order (where it keeps a signed copy of your quote). Your sales team can now focus on making the sale, instead of spending precious time on follow-ups, and the signed quote will always be stored and available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Next to Sales Quotes, ApproveIT 365 is also compatible with purchase documents, service documents, and jobs.

Let clients approve your documents securely, directly from Business Central.

Let clients approve your sales quotes with utmost security and convenience, all directly from the heart of your business operations – Business Central. With ApproveIT 365, the process is seamless: send out sales quotes with ease, and enable your valued customers to digitally sign them securely through the renowned platform, DocuSign. Eliminate manual paperwork and delays as signed quotes are automatically converted into sales orders, streamlining your follow-up procedures effortlessly. Rest assured, all approved documents with customer signatures are safely stored within Business Central. Maximize efficiency and ensure a smooth, trusted approval experience for your clients with ApproveIT 365.

Embrace the future of contract approvals with ApproveIT 365. Streamline your sales process, enhance customer experiences, and take your business to new heights. Try ApproveIT 365 and unlock the potential of efficient document management.

Automate all contract management

When ApproveIT 365 came out, it was focused on the signatures for sales quotes. The functionalities have since expanded and ApproveIT 365 is now compatible with a wide range of document types, ensuring a more versatile and efficient workflow:
  • Sales Quotes, Sales Orders
  • Purchase documents
  • Service Documents
  • Job Documents and Contracts
Are you missing a document type, contact, and let’s chat about your needs and if ApproveIT 365 can manage your type of documents

ApproveIT 365 video demos

Installing and using ApproveIT 365 is fairly straightforward, especially with our short video guides. The installation process is a breeze, simply follow the user-friendly steps in the ApproveIT 365 installation wizard and set up your DocuSign account.

Once you’re up and running, sending documents to clients for secure viewing and signing through DocuSign becomes a seamless task. With a few clicks, your clients can safely e-sign the quotes, and the signed documents are automatically stored alongside the corresponding Sales Order. Simplify your quote approval process and improve efficiency with ApproveIT 365’s integration with DocuSign.