ConnectIT 365

Design your own import and export interfaces – without coding – directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Importing sales or purchase orders, exporting inventory and price lists, creating data feeds, and connecting online shops are just a few things you can do with ConnectIT 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has a few import and export features such as rapid start, but in many cases, these simply aren’t sufficient. You want more control over your interfaces, how data gets validated and processed, and how data is structured and formatted. You might also want to schedule your imports, automatically export to an FTP server, or call a web service when a specific record or a single field is changed.

That’s why we created ConnectIT 365, an advanced integration suite for Dynamics 365 Business Central that can be used by novices and hardcore developers alike. 

Check the ConnectIT 365 explainer series!

In this series, our ConnectIT 365 expert shows you how to use ConnectIT 365. In video 1 automated scheduling is explained, video 2 focuses on XML exports, videos 3 and 4 explain how to set up a JSON export manually and by using the wizard.