The most accessible way to create instant extensions in Business Central without any coding.

Discover DINO, the game-changing app that empowers you to effortlessly add fields to tables in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Say goodbye to complex coding and time-consuming development efforts. Download DINO from AppSource today and unlock the ability to create instant customizations with ease.

Why use DINO?

Are you tired of the limitations in customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? In the “Age of Dinosaurs,” it was a breeze to add fields to tables and make them available on related pages. However, with the shift to the “Modern Age” of Business Central, this process has become more complicated, requiring coding expertise and development time. But fear not! We at idyn understand the value of those handy features from the “Good Ol’ Days,” and that’s why we developed DINO.

DINO is the ultimate solution that brings back the simplicity and accessibility of adding fields to tables within Business Central. With its user-friendly wizard, DINO empowers consultants, developers, and users to create instant extensions without hassle. No need for additional software or extensive coding knowledge. Simply download DINO from AppSource, and you’re ready to customize your Business Central experience like never before.

Watch these informative videos to see how DINO revolutionizes extension creation in Business Central: