The most accessible way to create instant extensions in Business Central without any coding.

DINO is a tool for users, consultants, and developers to easily create instant extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Pay € 1,- to start creating extensions.

Pay € 1,- per user per created extension to use.

This first version of the Dino App will give you the possibility to add one or more fields to a table, using a simple wizard. As such, Dino App will be a similar tool to the page designer functionality in Business Central.



Add fields to BC

What is DINO?

DINO is the most accessible tool to add fields to tables within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

In the “Age of Dinosaurs” (the NAV period) it was quite simple to add a field to a table and make it available on the related page. However, in the “Modern Age” (The Business Central period), it has become more complicated to add a field. There’s coding involved, and it usually takes up development time to perform this seemingly straight-forward exercise.

We at idyn, are excited to live in this “Modern Age” but we realized users are missing out on some handy features from the “Good Ol’ Days.” ;-)

That’s why we created DINO, a simple and low-cost tool to create instant customizations in Business Central.

What can DINO do?

With DINO you can add fields to your tables in Business Central. For only € 1,- you buy a license key for DINO to get started creating these customizations. Payment is done easily via PayPal.

Why Choose DINO?

Dino is our favourite throwback app for Business Central, with a cheeky reference to dinosaurs. As much as we love Business Central, we’re bringing back some of the customizability that was available in NAV. If you want a no-code, low-code and no-risk tool to take back control over the flexibility of Business Central, try out DINO!

How to use DINO

Add fields to tables in the following easy steps:

  1. Download DINO from AppSource
  2. Open the DINO wizard
  3. Choose which table to add one or multiple fields to
  4. Add the Field: (Field Number, Name, Caption and Data Type)
  5. Link the field(s) to the accompanying page(s)
  6. Pay € 1,- via PayPal to finish the wizard
    1. Deploy the customization to your environment
    2. Export and store the custom app and import it in another environment with another DINO license.
  7. Users will prompted automatically to pay € 1,- via PayPal to gain access to the customized page(s).
  8. Start using the added field(s)

For whom is this app interesting?

For every Business Central user!

DINO is interesting for end users who want take control over their Business Central.

DINO is interesting for Microsoft partners because they now can make minor changes to the Business Central platform of their customers without any coding required. Consultants can add fields easily, similar to working with NAV versions.

DINO saves you and your customers a lot of time and effort.