ShipIT 365 18.5.10924.0 release

The next version of ShipIT 365 is available now for BC 15, 16,&17 and 18.

The next version of ShipIT 365 is available now for BC 15, 16,&17 and 18. Update your ShipT 365 extension now via AppSource or by downloading the latest app file fromthe idyn portal.

The new ShipIT 365 release with version 18.5.10924.0 contains the following improvements:

  • The EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification number) is now always populated on the Transport Orders.
    This is required for cross-border shipments out of or into the EU.
    This is very relevant for shipments from/to the UK, due to Brexit.
  • It is now possible to rebook an earlier recalled transport order.
  • The calculation of the pickup – and delivery times on the transport order now respects the Shipping Agent Calendar or the preferred time settings in the ShipIT setup.
  • Creating Transport Orders for a Transfer Shipment from a Warehouse Shipment is now supported.
  • Delivery Notes are now created for all source documents (next to sales orders and return orders).
  • A Get Help link is now shown when Transsmart returns an unexpected error message after booking a Transport Order, or after printing labels.
    This Get Help link redirects directly to the nShift help documentation where the error message is explained and very often a solution is given.
  • The user experience has been improved in the ShipIT setup and the ShipIT Setup Wizard.
  • The video‚Äôs that explain ShipIT 365 are now available from within the application. They are available on the Ship-IT Manager Role Center and as a FactBox on the Ship-IT setup.
  • Improvements for manually creating Transport Orders:
    • Possibility to select the company information as the pick-up, ship-to or invoice address.
    • Retrieving customer or vendor addresses when selecting a customer or vendor.
  • The creation and booking of transport orders have been optimized, so that they can be created/booked from an external API call.

Find more information on the ShipIT 365 page.