ShipIT 365 demo and videos

Book shipments, print labels, and get status updates, with just a click. Available as an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

ShipIT 365 | 1000+ Carriers, one extension

ShipIT 365 is the ultimate solution that connects your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system to over 1000 trusted carriers worldwide. With ShipIT 365, you can effortlessly book and print shipments with your preferred carrier, track and trace your shipments with real-time updates, and enjoy low cost of ownership with no vendor lock-in. Choose from top carriers like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and more, and streamline your shipping process today.

ShipIT 365 lets you choose between nShift Transsmart, nShift Ship, Sendcloud, and EasyPost.


ShipIT 365 demo - Effortless Shipping from Business Central

Join this demo video to get a full overview of the functionalities of ShipIT 365

ShipIT 365 & Tasklet Demo webinar

Elevate your shipping and warehouse management by combining ShipIT 365 and Tasklet Mobile WMS. Seamlessly incorporate the ShipIT 365 functionalities in Business Central, including carrier selection, into your hand.

Empower your customers with advanced shipping capabilities and optimized warehouse operations. View the seamless synergy of ShipIT 365 and Tasklet Mobile WMS.

ShipIT 365 Demo with EasyPost

In this ShipIT 365 demo, our expert walks you through the steps to connect and use one of the carrier integrations available, EasyPost.