Object Manager Advanced

The all-you-need and all-you-always-wanted C/AL development tool

Object Manager Advanced

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is great for developers. Microsoft did a good job in creating a system that’s relatively easy to extend and customize. Developers can create complete add-ons and toolkits, and we love it!

But the tools you get to do your development work are a bit less sophisticated. With every release, the development environment gets a few minor improvements. We’ve had CTRL-Z since 2016, but that’s about it. Let’s be honest: as a developer, there’s a serious lack of tools to do your work. At least, that’s what we thought when we started developing Object Manager Advanced (OMA). By now, since more than 1,000 companies work with these tools, we think you’ll agree that the development tools are improving too.

More relevant than ever

A question we’ve heard more than once is whether OMA is still relevant now that we have Business Central and Visual Studio Code. And the answer is ‘yes’, for many reasons. For example, many customers still run on C/AL and these code bases still require maintenance and further development. OMA also contains a set of tools to convert from C/AL to AL, making it an effective resource for upgrades/migrations. OMA 365 for AL is released in December 2021.