ShipIT 365 Release 18.5.10815.0

The next version of ShipIT 365 is available now for BC 15, 16, 17 and 18.

The next version of ShipIT 365 is available now for BC 15, 16, 17, and 18. Update your ShipT 365 extension now via AppSource or by downloading the latest app file from the idyn portal.

The new ShipIT 365 release with version 18.5.10815.0 contains the following improvements:

  1. Qty. to Send is now automatically populated with the Qty. to Ship on Sales Lines and Warehouse Shipment Lines

    On Sales Lines:
    When the Qty. to Ship changes, the Qty. to Send is updated accordingly. When new sales lines are registered, the standard BC default behavior is to automatically fill the Qty. to Ship with the Quantity of the Sales Line. However, the Sales & Receivables Setup has settings that change this behavior. By setting the “Default Qty. to Ship” to “Blank”, the Qty. to Ship will remain zero on new sales lines. In this scenario, the Qty. to Send will now remain blank as well.

    On the Warehouse Shipment a similar change has been implemented:
    When registering a Warehouse Pick with the actual picked quantities, the Qty. to Ship of the Warehouse Shipment Lines is updated. The Qty. to Send on the Warehouse Shipment Lines is now updated accordingly.
  2. The Total Value of a Transport Order wasn’t calculated correctly for partial deliveries, this has now been corrected.
  3. On a Sales Document and a Service Order, the (sell-to) contact information can be updated directly on the document itself. These values are now forwarded to the Transport Order so that the carrier has the most recent contact details.
    The following contact information can be changed on a sales order: the Phone No. and the E-mail address.
    And on the Service Order: the Phone No, the Fax No. and the E-mail address.
    Similar adjustments are made on posted sales shipments and posted service orders.
  4. Bugfixes:
    • Reduced locking issues during creation of transport orders by ending the write transaction before client callbacks. 
    • Creation of transport orders from source documents failed when addresses contained a street name/house no. with a length greater than 50 due to limited length on the transport worksheet lines. These fields are extended to the same length as used in the Microsoft base application. 
    • The total value is now correctly updated for transport orders with sales return orders as source documents. 
    • Delivery times were not automatically filled or updated on a transport order when using the default values from the ShipIT setup. The delivery date is now visible on the transport order card and automatically calculated based on the pick-up date, shipping agent, and shipping agent service for both manual creation or creation from source documents. 
    • When using the shipping agent calendar, the pick-up to and delivery from times are now always filled with the correct values from the calendar, regardless of the source documents that are used to create the transport order.
  5. Enhancements: 
    • Action Show Document in the source lines on the transport order card now includes all possible source document types. Previously this wasn’t available for source document types like the sales shipment.