ShipIT 365 19.6.12000.0 Release

The latest version of ShipIT 365 is available now for BC 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19.

The latest version of ShipIT 365 is available now for BC 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. Update your ShipT 365 extension now via AppSource or by downloading the latest app file from the idyn portal.

The following improvements have been implemented in ShipIT 365 19.6.12000.0:
Create, Book and Print a transport order from a source document 
It is now possible to Create, Book and Print a transport order when shipping a source document (e.g., a sales order).
This has been implemented as a Beta feature because the basic data needs to be accurate on the source documents for this process to work efficiently. We, therefore, believe that this feature is not recommended for all customers.

Beta features can be enabled on the ShipIT 365 Setup.
When enabling the Beta features additional options will be available in the After Posting options on the same page. Beta features are pre-released features that in it is current shape has limitations in the supported usage scenarios or they are new features that have not been fully tested.
Because of the nature of Beta features, we give limited support on these. Support tickets may be raised with suggestions and general feedback, but issues will only be solved in newer versions of the product and not on a per-customer basis.

For the full list of technical release notes see the ShipIT 365 online manual

Update ShipIT 365 via AppSource
Update ShipIT 365 via the idyn portal.