Sendcloud Customer case Bunzlau Castle (Clip bv): More efficient and error-free (inter)national shipping

We are happy to present the Sendcloud customer case of Bunzlau Castle.

Bunzlau Castle is a brand of Clip Quality Brands. This family-owned company believes that people are happiest in a place where they feel completely at home. They delight people worldwide with the most beautiful products for a perfectly laid table. The emphasis here is also on honesty and sustainability. For example, all products are handmade in Europe under fair conditions. Bunzlau Castle sells to both companies and consumers via their webshop.

Challenge: Slow, manual (international) shipping
Before Bunzlau Castle started using Sendcloud, all shipments from the webshop were registered manually. “As orders increased, we couldn’t notify packages fast enough, and label printing was tremendously slow. In addition, the risk of errors due to manual work was high.”

Solution: Efficient shipping at the touch of a button.
“Using Sendcloud, we have been able to automate our entire shipping process. Our warehouse staff now register the packages and turn out the labels at the push of a button. In addition, they easily download necessary customs forms for packages outside the European Union.”

Solution: One link for four sales channels.
Whereas Bunzlau Castle previously used Sendcloud as a standalone platform, Sendcloud is now linked to the ERP (Microsoft Business Central) using idyn. “Orders come in through four channels: our webshop (B2C), through our dealer portal, our account managers on the road, and by phone and email through the back office (B2B). With the link, we can easily send all incoming orders from the different channels through one solution.”

Solution: Satisfied customers with a smooth shipping and return process.
Delivering the best possible customer experience is paramount to Bunzlau Castle. “Using Sendcloud’s branded tracking emails, we always keep our customers informed about the status of their order. In addition, our customers can register their returns themselves via the returns portal. This not only leads to higher customer satisfaction, but our back office can now focus on more important matters.”

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