Release wave Q1 2023

High-level release notes per product. In 2023 we're starting with a new release cycle, we will release updates for our solutions quarterly.

Starting in 2023, we’re renewing our release cycle. From now on, major releases will be released quarterly. scroll down for the updates for the release updates for the full idyn solution portfolio. 

Highlights Solutions Release Q1 2023
Below are the high-level updates per solution: 

ShipIT 365

  • ShipIT 365 now integrates with Transmart, NShift, DeliveryHub, andSendcloud delivery platforms, enabling users to manage deliveries and integrate over 1250 carriers via these delivery platforms. All integrated delivery platforms can be used simultaneously/in the same environment.
  • Added functionalities (o.a. box content & linking boxes to contents, freight costs) 

Download ShipIT 365 via AppSource.
See technical updates.

Direct Banking

  • Matching is redesigned for better reconciliation
  • “Text-to-account’ mapping enabled for reconciliation
  • idyn is actively looking for regional resellers that can build localized reconciliation versions, for which an integration manual is available

Download Direct Banking NL via AppSource
Download Direct Banking BE via AppSource
Download Direct Banking World Wide (W1) via AppSource
See technical updates.

ConnectIT 365

  • Added new and Beta functionalities to improve ConnectIT 365 

Download ConnectIT 365 via AppSource.
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ApproveIT 365

  • New solution by idyn: Sign, store, and automate follow-up of your sales documents in Business Central with ApproveIT 365.
  • DocuSign Integration

Find out more on our product page

DINO by idyn

  • New solution by idyn: Add fields to tables in Business Central
  • Added functionality to Edit Tables
  • Added functionality to Add Fields

Download DINO via AppSource.
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