New functionalities Document Creator + New Demo available

Document Creator is all about saving huge amounts of time in creating document report layouts in Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2015 and up.

With this new Release the Document Creator product facilitates this even better. 

A well designed report dataset (the Dynamics Nav Report object) is still a developer activity. The document layout and (multi-language) labels however has become much less time consuming and much more flexible. Every person with limited reporting experience can create (or at least modify) Document Creator Report Layouts. Report layouting is fun again! 

With Document Creator, report layouts are no longer Dynamics Nav objects. Only the dataset is a Dynamics Nav object, the layout and the translations have become table data.

NewTranslations! We have added translation functionality to create multi-language reports and customer adaptive labels. The report developer can simply add label placeholders in the report dataset which automatically populate the translations table.

Demo: If you want to test the new functionalities, just go to the product page and download the demo.