New Document Creator release – V3.0 is here

The best report designer for Dynamics NAV just got better! Besides many improvements, this new version comes with a completely rebuilt converter which will now convert all your Dynamics NAV 5 / NAV 2009 classic reports, 100%!

The 2.0 converter already did quite a good job, but it still had some issues with grouping and subtotals. These issues are now solved. So converting 70% to 80% is now 100%. We invite everyone to download the demo and to feed it a couple of classic reports. It might very well be that you will immediately discover some new business opportunities, because from now on you can upgrade reports in minutes instead of days. 

Next to these major improvements, there is also a big list of enhancements and fixes.
We keep gathering feedback and ideas from our partners and their customers, and with every new release, we try to incorporate as many of those ideas as possible. See the what’s new documentation for a complete list of changes. (You will find the document in the demo as well as in the release packages.) 

Click here to go to the product page and download the demo to see what this toolkit can you for your business.