idyn Release wave Q3 2023

High-level release notes per product for release wave 3. In 2023 we're starting with a new release cycle, we will release updates for our solutions quarterly.

The 2023 Q3 releases for the idyn integration solutions are now available for your customers. Please see below for a high-level overview of the new features and improvements.

We are also hosting a series of partner update events and partner implementation training sessions to help you and your customers get the most out of the new releases. Please see below for more information:

  • Partner Update Sessions: We will host a series of update sessions this Wednesday (06-09) and Friday (08-09) to provide you with more information about the new releases. These sessions will be held online and are free to attend.
  • Partner Implementation Training Sessions: We will also host a series of partner implementation training sessions next Thursday (14-09). These sessions will give you the skills and knowledge you need to help your customers implement the new releases.

To register for any of these events, please click the button below!

Highlights Solutions Release Q2 2023
Starting in 2023, we’re releasing our solutions quarterly. Below are the high-level updates per solution: 

ApproveIT 365

  • ApproveIT 365 is compatible with Sales, Purchase, and Service Documents, and Jobs.
  • Add additional documents

On release, ApproveIT 365 was suitable to use with Sales Documents. In this release, we have expanded the compatible document types with ApproveIT 365 with Purchase Documents, Service Documents, and Jobs. Send your contracts directly from BC to your clients, and let them safely sign the documents with DocuSign.   Add additional documents to the DocuSign envelope. In the ApproveIT 365 flow, a new page is added to allow the user to add multiple additional static documents next to the original created document.

Download ApproveIT 365 via AppSource
See Manual

ConnectIT 365
The following improvements have been implemented:

  • Retry attempts configurable per definition
    • Set retry attempts for each definition.
  • Export: Processing delay
    • New option delays processing Export Queue Entry records.
    • Helps when changes create related records like Sales Shipments.
  • Export: support for FlowFilter in filters
    • Add FlowFilters to the export filter for a data item, allowing for different results in the calculated flowfields in the export.
  • Import: Definition Lines direct insert allowed
    • Import definitions allow direct line addition.
    • No extra steps needed.
  • OAuth2 custom flow possible with export/import definitions
    • Export/Import definitions now support OAuth2 custom flow.
    • Refreshes bearer tokens for tricky authentication scenarios.

Download ConnectIT 365 via AppSource
See technical updates.

ShipIT 365
Multiple improvements and bug fixes have been made for ShipIT 365.

Download ShipIT 365 via AppSource.
See technical updates.

Direct Banking
Highlights of the improvements made to Direct Banking:

  • Direct Banking is now available in German.
  • Advanced Text Mappings function has been improved.
  • Cobase is now ready to transfer money from and to non-IBAN accounts.

Download Direct Banking NL via AppSource
Download Direct Banking BE via AppSource
Download Direct Banking World Wide (W1) via AppSource
See technical updates.

DINO by idyn
Multiple improvements and bug fixes have been made for DINO. 
Download DINO via AppSource

Questions / Demo requests
Are you interested in one of our Business Central solutions and want to experience it firsthand? Contact us via sales@idyn.nlor contact us via our webchat for a personalized demo for you and your customers.