Document Creator RDLC converter – Beta testing partners wanted

The moment a lot of partners and customers have been waiting for is finally here. Yes, we are going to convert RDLC documents! We know how much you all like your RDLC reports, and how you love working with Visual Studio, but it is about time to say goodbye. 

Last year we introduced the classic report converter, and that was a big success. Partners were able to upgrade customers who otherwise probably never would have moved to NAV 2016 or 2017. Those customers simply couldn’t afford re-developing 20, 50 or even more reports. With Document Creator, some of them converted 100+ classic reports in just one day!

So, the classic people were happy. But at the same time, we were getting feedback from partners and customer who were already on the path of RDLC, asking us to develop a converter so that they could switch to DCR as well. 

It’s not completely finished yet, but we’re making good progress, and we thought it was time to let you know. And, even better, if you are a NAV partner, we would like to invite you to test the beta. Please use the general¬†contact form, or contact your account manager, and we will make sure you get the beta as soon as it’s available.¬†