ConnectIT 365 version 20.4.100309.0 release

The latest version of ConnectIT 365 for Business Central is now available. 

The latest version of ConnectIT 365 for Business Central is now available. 

Key benefits of this release:

  • Easily share data between different Business Central databases and tenants.
  • Export from one single export definition to multiple endpoints using different export methods.

This release is suitable for BC 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. Update the ConnectIT 365 extension through AppSource or download the latest OnPrem version from the idyn portal.

New features:

  • Added support for SFTP connections using username/password authentication.
  • Added support for multiple destinations/endpoints using a single export definition.
  • New method Mixed to use with multiple endpoints for different methods.
  • New option to allow field monitor exclusions instead of included fields to monitor.


  • Added support for field types BigInteger, DateFormula, and Duration
  • Added support for using wildcards on filenames in import definitions for file based methods (FTP, Azure Storage, Dropbox).
  • Allow additional query parameters in authentication code URL for OAuth2 authorization code grant flow.
  • Added field scope for OAuth2 authorization code grant flow to allow variable scope parameter.
  • Allow field variables in body text for E-Mail method and tasks.
  • Additional check on existing fields during definition import.
  • Improved error handling for unknown field variables in E-Mail method and tasks.
  • Improved handling and performance for real-time exports using table and field monitor.
  • Allow extensions with ConnectIT 365 as dependency to use logging helper procedures.
  • Minor improvements on Import and Export entry list pages.


  • Fix for email method when using utf-16 encoding resulting in trailing NUL character.
  • Fix for email method when exporting Excel files.
  • Fix for writing passwords and tokens to isolated storage using tryfunction (on-premise issue).
  • Fix XML attribute issue in export definition when attribute is used before opening root data item.
  • Fix Role Center cue drill down for export per method tiles opening import definition list.

Check the release notes: Release Notes – ConnectIT – BC (