Commerce 365 for Magento 19.5.29546.0

The latest version of Commerce 365 for Magento is available for BC 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19.

The latest version of Commerce 365 for Magento is available for BC 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. Additionally, NAVcommerce is updated with minor changes. Update your Commerce 365 extension now via AppSource or by downloading the latest app file (NAVcommerce / Commerce 365) from the idyn portal.

Commerce 365 release 19.5.29546.0 contains the following improvements:

Business Central 19 support
Available on AppSource and On-Premises

Excel item data import
Use one Excel file to import both standard item fields and all possible attribute values.

New sales order attribute API functions  
Commerce 365 for Magento is fully compatible with the Amasty Order Attributes extension:
The new sales order attribute API’s make it super easy to work with the attribute data in AL. Just do something like the line below, to make use of an attribute that was added to this order. 
ProjectCode := SalesOrderAPI.GetStagingOrderAttributeValue(StagingOrderHeader, ‘project_code’);

Overall UX improvements & improved error messages
From tooltips to better validation and error messages. More conditional UI elements, improved default sorting and all kinds of other small changes make working with Commerce 365 as smooth as possible. 
Fixes and optimizations on role center pages. The queries behind several tiles on the role centers have been updated, as well as some of the labels. 

Fixes and optimizations on sales order creation process 
In both BC 18.4 and BC 18.5 Microsoft had made some changes in their standard sales order creation process. Commerce 365 now follows the exact same procedure and sequence to make sure that when creating sales orders from staging orders, you get the exact same result as when creating orders manually. 

Fixes and optimizations around category management
There were some ways to create an ‘orphan category’ which made the synchronisation process run into an error. This is now solved. 

New optional number series for web sales orders
Before Commerce 365 just used your standard sales order number series to create new sales orders. But with this update, you can optionally set a custom number range for this. 

Visibility can now be set on store view level 
Before the Magento Visibility property was only working on GLOBAL items. This now also works for store-level items. 

New item attribute API functions
If you are doing a lot of work with item attributes programmatically. Then from time to time you also want to check whether an item (already) has a certain attribute. This is now possible with NC365AttributeAPI.ItemHasAttribute.

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