Transport Types

You can differentiate between transports by setting up different types. For example a support issue or hotfix or a release of a functionality. To define transport types, go to Administration > Transport Types.

Transport Type
Transport Type

Code and DescriptionEnter a code and a description for the transport type.
Transport Flow CodeSpecify a transport flow code for the transport type.
Update Version ListSelect this checkbox to have the program update the version list of objects in transports of the current type with an ID that you specify.
Version List IDSelect a version list ID for objects in transports of the current type. Use the AssistEdit next to the field to browse version list IDs in the database. Alternatively, enter a string that will be used as the version list ID.
New timestampSelect the method that the program uses to fill the new date and time of when the objects will be transported. The following methods are available:
  • Empty - The timestamp of the objects will be the date and time of the last modification.
  • Moment of Transport - Timestamp will set to the time of transport.
  • Define - You can define your own timestamp in fields Timestamp Date and Time on the Transport Card.
  • Date of Transport - Timestamp will set to the time of transport with time 12:00.
Check Guidelines before Trans.
Compile Objects before Transport
Block Project at Transport
Block Transport at Transport
Remove Modify Flag at Transp.
Place check marks in these fields to have the program perform the corresponding action when performing transports of the current type. If you choose to block projects or block the transport at transporting, you will not be able to unblock projects or transport after transport is completed.
User Role 1..User Role 5Specify users that will typically have roles in transports of the current type. If more than five roles are needed you can add them with the Roles button in the ribbon.
Export PathEnter a path to the folder where transport files will be saved.
Subfolder for Each TransportSelect this checkbox to have the program create subfolders for each transport of the current type. Otherwise, all transports will be saved in a single folder.
Subfolder NameIf you choose to create subfolders, enter a subfolder name using date expressions and the following placeholders:
  • %1 for transport number
  • %2 for version list ID
  • %3 for version list number
Include TXT-Objects in TransportSelect this checkbox if you want to add the source code of the objects to the transport.
Create PDF File
Create FIB File
Create FOB File
Create TXT File
Create FAB Files
Place check marks in these fields to have the program create the corresponding transport files:
  • PDF - a report with transport information.
  • FIB - all transport and project data, actions, document and objects in transport.
  • FOB - objects in compiled format.
  • TXT - objects in text format.
  • FAB - all project and transport data, actions to be executed before and after transporting.
Filename PDF File
Filename FIB File
Filename FOB File
Filename TXT File
Filename FAB Definition File
Filename FAB Before File
Filename FAB After File
Enter names for transport files that you choose to create. Similarly to filling in the Subfolder Name field, you can use date expressions and placeholders.