Transport Setup
Transport Setup

Transport Nos. FormatThis is the no. series format used when a new transport is created.
Transport Description %1 will be replaced by the "Transport No.". You can use date expressions like: <Day> <Month Text> <Year4>.
Default Transport TypeThe transport type that is used in new transports.

More info: Transport Types
Transport Import FolderThe folder that is checked when you want to automate your transports.

More info: Automate Transports
Transport Archive FolderThe folder where transports are placed after they are automatically imported.

More info: Automate Transports
At Importing Transport (group of fields)Define actions that the program will perform when importing transports by placing checkboxes in the respective fields:
  • Confirm Changes - the program will display a confirmation in case objects in transport conflict with objects in the target database.

    More info: Confirm Changes
  • Reset Project Status , Reset Transport Status - the program will set the project/transport status to the initial status in the project/transport flow.

    More info: Reset Status
  • Compile Objects - the program will compile objects after the transport is imported in your customer database.
  • Use the Block Project and Block Transport option fields to influence project and transport blocking when importing transports:
    • Blank - the project/transport will be the same as in the imported transport.
    • No - the project/transport will be unblocked.
    • Yes - the project/transport will be blocked.