Save Compiled VersionSpecifies if the fob file of each object is saved to the history. If the compiled version is not saved a rollback is not possible. The folllowing options are possible:
  • Confirm Each Session
  • Always
  • Never
Object File Name FormatProvide the format of object filenames when objects are exported out of the Object Manager.
More info: File Name Format
Object Management (group of fields)Use these fields to set up how the program interacts with the NAV object table. You can choose between Finsql and PowerShell.
Branches (group of fields)Provide a number series format and a description for branches.

More info: Branches
Save C/AL at (group of fields)Use these fields to set up how the program will save the code of an object to C/AL history when you perform various actions:
  • Modify the object
  • Assign modifications to a project
  • Lock or unlock the object
  • Transport the object
  • Before and after you import a transport

For each action, you can select three saving options:
  • If Changed - code will only be saved if the object was changed (date or version list differ).
  • Yes - code will always be saved for the action.
  • No - code will not be saved for the action.


Compare ToolProvide the path to Compare Tool that you use for comparing the C/AL code. For example Beyond Compare or UltraCompare. %1 will be replaced with the left file or directory %2 will be replaced with the right file or directory.
Three Way Merge Compare ToolProvide the path to the Merge Tool that is used when you import a transport Object Import Mode Three Way Text Merge.
C/AL EditorProvide the path to the C/AL Editor. If not specified the default TXT-editor is used.
Designer (Finsql on Client)The path to the NAV Development Environment located on the client. This exe is opened where ever you press Design in the Object Manager.