Project Types

Here you can define different types of projects to differentiate for example between hotfixes and long term projects.

To define project types, go to Administration > Project Types.

Project Type
Project Type

Code and DescriptionEnter a code and a description for the project type.
Project Flow CodeSpecify a project flow code for the project type.
Customer LicenseYou can upload a license file to the project type. This makes it possible for the check guidelines to see if all objects are already added to the customer license.
Check Guidelines at Set Ready ProjectSelect this field to have the program perform guideline checks when projects of the current type reach a status of type Ready. You can choose between
  • Empty - No checks will be performed.
  • All Checks - All guidelines that are selected in the Guideline Setup will be performed.
  • Transport Checks - Only the guidelines that are selected as transport checks will be performed.
UID OffsetThe starting number that new elements get when added with Navgate.
Project Tag Doc. TriggerDefine the project tag that will be added to the documentation trigger of objects assigned to projects of the current type. You can use date expressions and the following placeholders:
  • %1 for project number
  • %2 for active user’s initials
  • %3 for description of the modification
Modification Tag
Modification Start Tag
Modification End Tag
Similar to the Project Tag. These fields are used in the Navgate editor.
User Role 1..User Role 5Specify the users that will be added by default if a new project is created. If more than five roles are needed you can add them with the Roles button in the ribbon.