Update Variables

With "Update Variables" you can check for unused variables in objects and clean up or sort them. You can perform this functionality on the database or export it to a text file.

There are three possible modes.
  • Update in DB - The objects are updated in the database.
  • Export - The objects are exported in text format and the variables are updated in the exported file.
  • Update Text File - The variables are updates in text file.

Delete Unused Variables

Add the objects where you suspect unused variables.

Add Objects
Add Objects

Press Start to delete the unused variables.


If something changes in an object the modify flag of the object is enabled so you can assign the modification to a project. If an object is already ok the Object Manager skips it. To see what has changed you can compare the modified objects with the original using your compare tool.

Analyze Changes
Analyze Changes

Sort Variables

With Update Variables you can sort the variables in the object. Set checkbox Sort Variables. Add the objects for which you want to sort variables and press Start. The variables will be first sorted on Type then Object No. and last Name.

Set Variable Range

You can set a range or choose to update all variables. This makes it possible to update standard NAV objects and leave the standard variables as they are.