Renumber Elements

With this tool you can renumber the elements of an object. Elements are functions, variables and controls. When another object has a connection with the renumbered element the reference(s) in these objects will also be changed.

There are three possible modes.
  • Update in DB - Elements are renumbered in the database.
  • Export - Objects are exported in text format and elements are renumbered in the exported file.
  • Update Text File - Elements are renumbered in a text file.

Update in DB Mode

Click Add Elements in the ribbon. Select filters for the objects from which you want to renumber the elements.

Renumber Elements
Renumber Elements

The lines in the renumber form can have the following colors:
  • Black - New number is equal to the original number
  • Red - New number is two times present
  • Green - Element will be renumbered

In field No. of Involved Objects you can see which objects will be updated when you renumber your selection of objects.

No. of Involved Objects
No. of Involved Objects

To give the elements a new number you can modify the lines manually but you can also select the lines you want to renumber and fill in the Start at fields on the Options tab and click Fill New Numbers in the Functions ribbon.

Fill New Numbers
Fill New Numbers

The elements will get their new number. Click Start to modify the objects. All the elements will be renumbered.

Export Mode

This option works the same as the Updating option, but the element in the original database are not renumbered. The renumbering is only done in the export file. The exported file is a text file which you can import in the Object Designer.

Update Text File Mode

This mode works the same as the other two modes but the elements are renumbered for an existing text file. You enter a filename for the source file and a filename for the file that will be created with the renumbered elements.