Multi-Tenant Setup

In a multi tenant setup the databases are split into APPLICATION and DATA databases.

Once the database has been split, OMA tables will be automatically moved to the DATA database. At the same time, the SQL Trace Modification Trigger assigned to the Object table will be located in the APP database. This trigger will try to access OMA tables in the same database, but will not be able to find these tables in APP.

In this scenario, it is required to enable the Tenant Database option in the Database Card > Tenant Database tab. You will also need to provide the other details of the SQL connection to your DATA database.

So, the APP database connection should be configured on the Database tab and the DATA database on the Tenant Database tab. Please see below:

Setup Card
Setup Card

Once it is done, please click Test action. If the connections are OK, you should go to Object Manager > Administration > Administration Tasks.
  • Select and execute Remove Trace Modification trigger task to delete the existing trigger from Object table.
  • Select and execute Add Trace Modification trigger task to add a new trigger which will be adjusted for multi-tenant setup.