Adding SQL Triggers

You need to add certain SQL triggers to the Object table of the database in order to use the corresponding features of Object Manager Advanced:
  • The Trace Modification Trigger enables tracing modifications in database objects.
  • The Ask SQL Trigger speeds up certain tasks of the Object Manager.
  • The Block Database Conversion Trigger prevents that the database will be converted to a newer version of NAV when opened with the wrong client. This trigger is optional.

Perform the following steps in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to add the necessary triggers:
  1. Go to Departments > Object Manager > Administration and then click Administration Tasks.
  2. In the Administration Tasks window, select the task that corresponds to the trigger that you want to add (steps 2-4 should be repeated for each trigger):
    • Add Trace Modification trigger
    • Add Ask SQL trigger
    • Add Block Database Conversion trigger
  3. Click Execute in the ribbon.

    Add Trace Modification Trigger
    Add Trace Modification Trigger
  4. Confirm the action in the dialog that appears.
    After the trigger is added, the respective messages will be displayed.

Trigger Added

You can remove the triggers using the appropriately named administration tasks.