If you work with extensions you can choose to specify your captions in your objects or in separated xliff files.

Working with xliff files is very error prone. If you change a name, ID or base caption in your object the link with the xliff caption is lost and the base caption is used in stead. It much saver to keep your captions embedded in your objects and separate them only when you need to. E.g. when you want to publish your extension to the AppSource. To do this you can press XLIFF on the Extension card.

Create XLIFF Files
Create XLIFF Files

You can perform the following actions:
  • Captions from Objects to XLIFF - Xliff files will be created in the specified directory.
  • Captions from XLIFF to Objects - The captions from the xliff files will be placed in your objects.

Enable the checkbox Delete Captions from Objects to transfer the captions to the xliff files and remove them from your objects.