Extensions Setup
Extensions Setup

Extension Nos. FormatThis is the no. series format used when a new extension is created.
Extension File Name FormatProvide the format of extension filenames when objects are added to your extensions.
By default OMA uses "Table 3 Payment".

To use the format Microsoft suggests "" you can enter the following format in the setup:


More info: File Name Format
Generate Symbol ReferenceIn order to keep your VS Code in sync with your development database you will have to generate symbol reference every time you compile an object.
Update HistoryChoose how OMA must check if objects or files are changed in you extensions. This setting can be overwritten on the extension card.
  • Automatic - OMA checks automatically if an object/file has changed in your extension and updates the history.
  • Manual - The object/files are only checked if the button Update History is clicked.
  • Selected User - OMA checks the history is the selected user is active. This setting is used if someone has the extension on a local path which other users cannot access.
Update History UserThe history is only checked if this user is active.