Change List

  1. Version 15.01 April 16, 2021
  2. Version 15.00 January 28, 2021
  3. Version 14.01 April 9, 2020
  4. Version 14.00 December 9, 2019
  5. Version 13.02 October 15, 2019
  6. Version 13.01 August 21, 2019
  7. Version 13.00 July 1, 2019
  8. Version 12.01 May 22, 2019
  9. Version 12.00 May 31, 2018
  10. Version 11.01 June 1, 2017
  11. Version 11.00 November 17, 2016
  12. Version 10.02 March 16, 2016
  13. Version 10.01 January 1, 2016
  14. Version 10.00 November 19, 2015
  15. Version 9.06 April 16, 2015
  16. Version 9.05 February 4, 2015
  17. Version 9.04 September 28, 2014
  18. Version 9.03 April 1, 2014
  19. Version 9.02 November 1, 2013
  20. Version 9.01 Oktober 10, 2013
  21. Version 9.00 September 17, 2013
  22. Version 8.6.0 September 17, 2013
  23. Version 8.5.4 December 12, 2012
  24. Version 8.5.3 July 16, 2012
  25. Version 8.5.2 September 1, 2012
  26. Version 8.5.1 August 15, 2012
  27. Version 8.5 July 16, 2012
  28. Version 8.03 Oktober 10, 2011
  29. Version 8.02 September 17, 2011
  30. Version 8.01 September 1, 2011
  31. Version 7.02 April 3, 2011
  32. Version 7.01 February 26, 2011
  33. Version 6.03 September 1, 2010
  34. Version 6.02 July 5, 2010
  35. Version 6.01 April 10, 2010
  36. Version 5.01 December 7, 2009
  37. Version 4.05 November 1, 2009
  38. Version 4.04 October 25, 2009
  39. Version 4.03 October 3, 2009
  40. Version 4.02 September 20, 2009
  41. Version 4.01 September 2, 2009
  42. Version 3.07 July 30, 2009
  43. Version 3.06 July 20, 2009
  44. Version 3.05 July 7, 2009
  45. Version 3.04 June 15, 2009
  46. Version 3.03 May 27, 2009
  47. Version 3.02 April 1, 2009
  48. Version 3.01 March 1, 2009
  49. Version 2.02 February 1, 2009
  50. Version 2.01 January 23, 2009
  51. Version 1.01 September 4, 2007

Version 15.01 April 16, 2021

  • New Object Type: ReportExtensions
  • Where Used: Complex Return Types
  • Check Guidelines: Warning added when a complete function is surrounded with a BEGIN and END
  • Check Guidelines: Warning added when a complete function is surrounded with a BEGIN and END
  • C/AL to AL Converter: Skip creating delta object when no modified elements found
  • C/AL to AL Converter: Remove complete trigger if the only line of code was an excluded object or a deleted function/object caused by a breaking change
  • AL Objects: Better handling of preprocessors
  • Repeating data conversion from older versions
  • Check Guidelines: Expected indentation was wrong in the else part of a case statement
  • Add Show Caption false to groups when converting C/AL to AL
  • Multiple bug fixes in Remove WITH

Version 15.00 January 28, 2021

  • Syntax Tree
  • New Object Type: Interfaces
  • Guideline Check: Same := Same
  • Guideline Check: Double Case Statement
  • Guideline Check: Use of Obsolete Elements
  • Guideline Check: Variable Usage
  • Guideline Check: Check if a Tool Tip ends with a period
  • Where Used: Function Overloading
  • Converter Action: Add Tooltips
  • Converter Action: Remove WITH Statements
  • Converter Action: Add Rec.
  • Converter Action: Add Parentheses()
  • Im- and Export Xliff to Translation Tool
  • Run and Edit Table Data on Extension Tables

Version 14.01 April 9, 2020

  • Lock objects in Compare Database Page
  • Description fields of project, transport and branch extended to 250
  • The prefix was not added in properties Permissions and AccessByPermissions
  • The English name of system tables is used when converting objects to AL
  • Caption “XLIFF File” changed to “Remove Captions” on Converter card
  • Application Area was added to the request page instead of the report itself
  • Updating a report with empty RDLDATA was not possible
  • Better sample code in the company functions
  • Text in RDLDATA was sometimes seen as an object header
  • Handle new syntax format
  • Open finsql generatesymbolreference with '1' instead of 'yes'
  • Special characters in edit comment in external editor
  • Keep External properties for ExternalSQL tables
  • Entering object by name in project subpage disabled
  • Ignore wrong formatted date when parsing C/Al object
  • Renumber Objects: Wrong table was used when drilling down on "Used In"
  • Compiled version of objects was not saved when assigning modifications
  • Transport checks were only done for the last project in the transport
  • Check Guidelines: Error when adding space to the first position of a line
  • Check Guidelines: Error when analyzing empty TextConst
  • Multi Tenant parameters added in Compare Database
  • Extract Subscriber: Wrong parameter name in OnAfterValidateEvent
  • Object Updating: Wrong procedure updated with overloaded parameters
  • Repository: Do not export objects to ignore
  • Object Explorer: Get caption from AllObjWithCaption instead of Object
  • Create element guids when converting XMLPort from C/AL to Al
  • Split Backup and Restore was not working without shared path

Version 14.00 December 9, 2019

  • C/AL to AL Converters
  • New Database Type: Conversion
  • New Setting: Save Compiled Version
  • Check Guidelines: Hook your own company checks to the Check Guidelines
  • New Check Guideline: Check PromotedActionCategories
  • New Check Guideline: Check SumIndexField present
  • Where Used: Registration of system triggers if used
  • Where Used: If a table field is used as a by reference parameter (VAR) it is flagged as Filled
  • New action type "Execute PowerShell"

Version 13.02 October 15, 2019

  • Bug fix - Where Used: Sorting on name column fixed
  • Bug fix - Where Used: Source Line saved for table triggers
  • Bug fix - Object Compare Sheet: Fixed outstream not open error
  • Bug fix - C/AL Reader: Wrong Element End Location
  • Bug fix - NAV2013 R2: Fixed stream errors with unlimited strings

Version 13.01 August 21, 2019

  • New Check Guideline: Missing Application Area
  • Auto add application areas with check guidelines
  • Bug fix: More options in optionstring
  • Bug fix: Assignment overflow
  • Bug fix: Where used length of name back to 250
  • Bug fix: Compare fields: CrLf in source code from other database
  • Bug fix: Duration added to export settings
  • Bug fix: Transfer fields: bug in transferring captions
  • Bug fix: Check Guidelines: Skip check keys not existing tables
  • Bug fix: Option +=1 error in 2013R2
  • Bug fix: Handle captions with line feeds
  • Bug fix: FillSourceCode executed once instead of multiple times
  • Bug fix: LinkedObjects skipped in "Remove Object Manager"
  • Bug fix: Wrong Object Types in Project Permissions
  • Bug fix: Drill Down on Where Used: Insert error

Version 13.00 July 1, 2019

  • AL Support
  • Transport extensions
  • Convert objects between C/AL, AL and XML format.
  • Move captions to XLIFF and back
  • Extension Dependencies Matrix
  • Synchronize MenuSuite Properties
  • New Guidelines Check: Matching field types are checked in views (RunPageView etc.)
  • New Guidelines Check: Check if field has Data Classification ToBeClassified
  • Check Guidelines: More default property values are checked
  • Check Guidelines: New list of reserved commands
  • Where Used: Better analyzing of subscribers and publishers
  • Renamed the “Convert Objects” tool to “Downgrade Objects”
  • Import C/AL and AL files in the Field Compare tool
  • Search String in Source Code: Works much faster, it uses a SQL trigger to scan the code.
  • Search String in Source Code: Option to skip comment lines

Version 12.01 May 22, 2019

  • Pages updated for the Web Client
  • New Check Guideline Check: Check Data Classification
  • New Check Guideline Check: Check Use Category
  • Check Guidelines: Page Controls on XMLPorts are now checked.
  • Where Used: Properties AutoFormatExpr, CaptionClass, ODataKeyFields and TableIDExpr added.
  • New Setting – Generate Symbol Reference: Updates the symbol references every time objects are imported or compiled.
  • New Administration Task: “Generate Symbol Reference” for initially generating the symbol reference.
  • New Administration Tasks: Set and Reset Symbol Loading at Server Startup. Sets the right setting in your custom settings file.
  • Business Central Folders added as possible folders in the default settings.
  • Bug fix: Field “Locked By” on history table extended to 132.
  • Bug fix: “Create Table Wizard” and “Change Field Options” added to the MenuSuite.
  • Bug fix - Project and Transport Lists: Sorting was not possible. Indentation properties removed and simulated with spaces.
  • Bug fix: When adding comment with a text editor the file was not uploaded to the service tier
  • Bug fix: Coping with lowercase Version Lists
  • Bug fix - Action Management: Fields with obsolete status are now ignored.
  • Bug fix - Table Management: Fields with obsolete status are now ignored.
  • Bug fix - Check Guidelines: InstructionalTextML properties are now checked.
  • Bug fix - Check Guidelines: All RecRefs are now opened as temporary to prevent read errors with e.g. CRM.
  • Bug fix - Check Guidelines: Parameters are now also checked is they have a conflicting name with a global variable.
  • Bug fix - Where Used: SourceTable in XMLPortElement was treated as a global REC. This is fixed.
  • Bug fix - Where Used: RunPageLink was sometimes analyzed with the wrong source table.
  • Bug fix - Where Used: TableViews were sometimes skipped with too many spaces.
  • Bug fix - Translation Tool: OptionStrings with special characters were not escaped.
  • Bug fix - Translation Tool: New property ids for several object triggers.

Version 12.00 May 31, 2018

  • Multi Tenant
  • Database Compare Matrix
  • Database Status Overview
  • Project and Transport Status Colors
  • Project and Transports are sorted and indented according to the Main Project and Main Transport
  • Unlimited Project and Transport Roles
  • Actions on Transports
  • Push Transport to other database
  • Push actions to other database
  • Show record size, field size and used field size in table information
  • New FactBox on code page to see where the line is used
  • Separated Where Used Types for publishers, subscribers and events
  • New table to specify which data needs to be analysed by the where used functionality
  • Check License: Option to import the license definition from another database
  • New Administration Task: Export Settings
  • New option to import Voice Permission Report to Project Type
  • Convert objects from NAV2018 down to NAV2013
  • Job Queue Codeunit to execute UpdateCALHistory, UpdateWhereUsed and CheckGuidelines
  • New database lock option to lock the database and only allow transports
  • Option to add new project tags to the top of the documentation trigger instead of the bottom
  • New Check Guidelines: Check Missing Tooltips
  • New field “Note” added to check guidelines comment
  • New FlowFields on table project object to see project and object info
  • New Web Service: GetData
  • New Web Service: PostData
  • New Web Service: TestWebService
  • New Web Service: GetLicenseDefinition
  • Where Used: Usage by IndentationColumnName was not seen
  • Renumber objects: Eventsubscribers were not renumbered

Version 11.01June 1, 2017

  • New FlowFields on “Check Guidelines Object” to count critical comments.
  • New setting on “Setup Card” and “Database Card” to choose the “Synchronize Scheme Changes” type. Yes, No and Force. The default value is Force for a Development Database and Yes for other database types.
  • Better handling of parameters in the executables (%1, %2 etc.) on the “Setup Card”. E.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Vim\vim80\gvim.exe" -d "%1" "%2" can now be set.
  • If you are using a merge tool that only can handle 3 files in a three way merge. You can choose a setting with three parameters. (4 parameters is the default). E.g. C:\Program Files\Araxis\Araxis Merge\Merge.exe "%1" "%2" "%3"
  • Opening the debugger window is now done with the NAV codeunit “Debugger Management”.
  • Where Used: The Refresh button in the “Where Used In” page now checks if the C/AL history is current.
  • Translation Tool: Reading and writing to a CSV file is now done with dotnet to prevent codepage issues.
  • Where Used: Variable Types TestPage and TestRequestPage are now found.
  • Checking the User Name is the SQL Trace Trigger is now case insensitive.
  • The “Design Object” command can now handle user name and password and special characters.
  • Translation Tool: When the “Language Id” was changed the wrong key was set on the page and was getting very slow with a large dataset.
  • Translation Tool: If an object was imported with an object-text file and the object name ended with a space it was imported with a bracket like “Object Name ]”.
  • Where Used: If a variable was used in a double dimension array like Var1 in MyArray[Var1][2] it was not found.
  • Check Guidelines: Comments were not flagged as critical.
  • Check Guidelines: The “Redundant Brackets” check was only done if the “Redundant Spaces” check was set.
  • Check Guidelines: ‘;’ as field separator was ignored.
  • Running the page “Edit Table Data” was not possible anymore in combination with the setting “Error if Not Locked”.
  • When editing an object range with an “External Editor” sometimes the extension became .txttxt.
  • Setting the C/AL editor on the “Setup Card” was not saved as a setting value.
  • Quotes are now removed from the object filenames so they not conflict anymore with PowerShell commands.
  • Parameter ImportAction Overwrite added to the PowerShell import command.
  • Renumber Fields: Only the old fields of the last table were removed. The fields of preceding tables were not removed.
  • NAV2013: Length 1024 added to variables that are used in the File.Read command.
  • Navgate: Navgate was not working on Windows10.
  • “Show Code” from the Modifications page did not always show the correct C/AL history record.
  • Modification flag was not set if an object was modified with the external editor.
  • “Reset Project Status” was executed if “Reset Transport Status” was enabled.
  • PowerShell: A new PowerShell Data File is loaded when database compare is executed with an another NAV version

Version 11.00November 17, 2016

  • Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017
  • Redesign of the setup tables which resulted in:
    • No limitations on text fields. They are now all 250 characters long.
    • Better default values. Navgate will automatically be used if its installed on your computer. Finsql.exe and your compare tool will be found in the majority of cases and computer independent.
    • In your personal settings, only values that you change, apply to you. All other settings will be read from the global settings.
    • It is now possible to set a specific settings for a computer or server.
    • Personal settings are now available in the SQL Trigger, for example locking the database can now be done for a specific user.
    • Removal of the dozens of old deleted fields that were kept to prevent data loss messages.
    • Better performance.
  • Translation Tool
  • Promoted Action Categories added to the translation tool.
  • The setting “Base Language” moved from the translation tool to the setup.
  • In the translation tool names bigger than 30 characters are now fully exported to the CSV export.
  • Check Guidelines
  • Check that MaintainsSIFTIndex is disabled for the primary key if SumIndexFields are present.
  • You get a warning if AltSearchField functionality is used.
  • No. of options are compared for property Promoted Action Categories.
  • Shortcut keys are now checked if they conflict with the shortcut keys of NAV.
  • The reserved name Rec for parameter in subscriber procedures is allowed.
  • not blank check was only done for primary key fields with the name ‘Code’. Now it’s done for all fields except the fields that ends with “No.”.
  • Where Used
  • Subscribers added to the where used.
  • Error messages in updating where used and check guidelines are presented at the end of the update, so it’s not necessary anymore to confirm each error message separately.
  • If somebody else is already updating the where used, you get a message that another user is updating the where used and the where used card is opened immediately.
  • Not all table fields were flagged as used when used in a query.
  • Database Compare
  • No. of records present in the tables can be calculated to compare.
  • Buttons added to the Compare Databases to filter on project and transport.
  • Button added to the Compare Databases to open the Compare Field page for the selected tables.
  • Compare Databases can be opened from project and transport cards and list.
  • Objects keep marked is they are pulled and pushed at the database compare page.
  • Compare directory and compare files that are created from the database compare fields have the name of the database.
  • Other
  • PowerShell added as method to import and export objects.
  • New administration tasks to change the Legacy Security Policy. Needed if you want to use PowerShell for import and exporting objects.
  • JSON added as option to export data when you run a table.
  • Renumber Elements: Report labels added.
  • References to other objects removed from Check License Page so it can be renumbered to 50000 and imported in a customer database.
  • AltSearchFields fields removed.
  • Extra warnings added when you remove object marking and someone is using the object marking functionality.
  • New Boolean field on “Project Object” called “Update Object Properties”. When disabled the version list and timestamp are not updated when the object is transported. This can be used if you want to rollback an object.
  • Table relation on “Company Name” removed in the Action Worksheet.
  • Emails were not send anymore when a project status changed.
  • Action of Type SQL Query was not executed in other database when included in transport.
  • Renumber objects. AccessByPermissions in MenuSuites were not renumbered.
  • Renumber objects in database. Renumber an object with a reference to itself was not possible.
  • Check License Page: Page does not close anymore if cursor is on a deleted record.
  • Web Services

Version 10.02March 16, 2016

  • Finsql.exe can now be setup on the database card
  • When exporting a transport the check overlap is done before the check guidelines.
  • Administration Tasks: For better performance, deleting of the where used data is done per table instead of per record.
  • Import Transport: A default directory is used for merging instead of the dialog to pick a directory
  • Navgate: Objects can be locked and unlocked in the Navigate Editor
  • When comparing history records the last empty line was sometimes removed.
  • Action Worksheet: Table Filter was not saved in NAV2016 when changed in the assist edit
  • Navgate: Checking C/AL History is now done in a codeunit instead of the OnOpen trigger of the page to avoid a timeout error
  • Navgate: Time + duration is now allowed
  • Navgate: Problem solved with brackets in the version list
  • Navgate: Subtype can now be edited in dotnet variables
  • Navgate: Fixed an issue with commenting lines with empty lines

Version 10.01January 1, 2016

  • Check Guidelines was not copied from Transport Type to Transport.
  • If an “Expected Modification” was not deleted (due to an exception) all succeeding modifications were assigned to the previous user. Now an expected modification has a life span of 5 seconds.
  • Command Line: Existing object locks are removed before objects are deleted.
  • Renumber objects: Not all Object Manager data was renumbered.
  • Renumber objects: Color of line is now updated when line is changing.
  • Renumber objects: Not all referencing objects were renumbered when the wizard was used
  • Object Explorer: Set selection filter is now selecting one record instead of all for most functions.
  • Record Permission Wizard: Added to the menu suite.

Version 10.00November 19, 2015

  • Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016
  • Navgate shipped freely if used with OMA
  • Import transports in three modes: Compiled, 2-way merge, 3-way merge
  • Renumber Objects in the database with a wizard
  • Record Permission Wizard
  • Detailed Permission Report from MS Voice can be imported in Check License
  • Objects can be locked and unlocked per project and transport
  • Objects can be merged into other databases with the database compare tool
  • A text compare can be done in the database compare tool even if the OMA is not installed in the other database
  • Flag a “Project Object” that it is used in an action so it will be imported before the actions are executing when importing a transport
  • Function Name added in the “Check Guidelines Comment” page
  • New parameter %lt;ext,0,editor=nav%gt; in “Object File Name Format” to use e.g. “.nav” as extension for text compare.
  • Objects are now marked for export with the field “DBM Table No.” instead of marking with a ‘#’-tag
  • New Check Guideline Checks:
    • Check if lookup and drilldown page has the same table no as the table itself
    • Check if lookup and drilldown pages are list pages
    • Check if DataCaptionFields are present
    • Check if the string parameters (%1, %2 etc.) in the caption of textconst are all the same
    • Check if the string parameters (%1, %2 etc.) is missing in a TextConst
    • Check if all captions in a TextConst ends with the same punctuation (dot, question mark)
    • Check if exclamation marks are used in TextConst
    • Check if a AltSearchField is present for master data tables (only enabled in classic client)
    • Check if table in table relation exists
    • Check for default properties in page controls and actions
    • Check if the name of a field, with a relation to the nos. series table, ends with “Nos.”
  • Removed all dialogs from updating “Where Used” when not GUIALLOWED.
  • in Where Used: Some controls after an action list were not parsed correctly.
  • in Where Used: Added the characters ‘(‘ and ‘)’ as special characters in creating Query Field names
  • updating C/AL History: Empty objects are not exported anymore
  • in Renumbering Field Options: If the caption is the same as the option the caption is also renamed
  • in several places: Functionality with SETSELECTIONFILTER was sometimes selecting one record instead of all

Version 9.06April 16, 2015

    Windows Client
  • New field on setup card and database card named “Command Line Parameters” to specify the parameters that the command line should use if you want to defer from the default settings.
  • After an object is imported or compiled a Synchronize Schema Changes is executed to prevent a metadata is out of sync error.
  • When you imported a transport with a renumber field action a popup was given that you needed to update the where used data. This is not needed and disabled.
  • The “Check Settings” functionality is extended to check if the service tier is allowed to execute Synchronize Schema Changes.
  • Field compare tool: SQL Data Type 99 was popping up as a difference. They are now ignored.
  • Where Used: Commit’s added to prevent dialog.runmodal errors
  • Where Used: Source table of the request page on a report was not traced.
  • Where Used: Parsing of CalcFormula was failing sometimes.
  • Edit Table Data: Lookup to Company Name was not in LookupMode
  • Change Field Options: Creating actions for a non primary key field were of type rename data instead of fill fields.
  • Push Objects: Objects are now all first imported and then compiled instead of one by one.
  • Classic Client
  • The default “User Code” filter on Assign Modifications was User Code instead of USERID.
  • Integration Management: A locked MenuSuite was not saved if Synchronize Locks and Integration Management was enabled.
  • Where Used: Commit’s added to prevent dialog.runmodal errors
  • Where Used: Parsing of CalcFormula was failing sometimes.
  • Change Field Options: Creating actions for a non primary key field were of type rename data instead of fill fields.
  • On the service tier the ENVIRON command is not available to determine the Computer Name.

Version 9.05February 4, 2015

  • Setup: General/Personal/Computer settings
  • Adjustable file name format: for example TAB4.txt can be used -- .
  • Object Manager Setup: Personal settings can be set per machine.
  • Translation File Functions: New function to copy the base language to all missing mandatory languages.
  • Check Guidelines: The C/AL Code line is shown in the check guidelines comment page.
  • Translation Tool: Object to Ignore are ignored when importing captions
  • Check Guidelines: Analyzing table relations was sometimes throwing an error
  • Filtering for object files is now done with *.txt|*.TXT instead of only *.txt
    Object Manager Windows Client
  • New SMTP settings: Port and SSL
  • Trace Modifications: It is now possible to use the ‘Trace Modifications’ setting on a personal level
  • When uploading an object file to the client the time stamp is set with the object date.
  • Role Center: The dropdowns on the cues were broken.
  • Check Guidelines: Controls on pages were not checked for missing captions
  • Where Used: Usage of variables with a length greater than 100 were not found
  • Renumber Objects: Query objects were not renumbered
  • Classic Client
  • The last-day-filter in the Object Explorer is now filtering on the date of the last modified object instead of the work date
  • Drilldown possible on the options in the table info page to see the numeric values of the options

Version 9.04September 28, 2014

  • Navgate integration
  • Possibility to upload a license file (*.lic) to the project type to perform transport checks
  • Check Guidelines: New category – Transport Checks
  • Check Guidelines: New Check – Check Object in Customer License
  • Check Guidelines: New Check – Check Indirect Permissions
  • Check Guidelines: Extra option on project and transport to check only the transport guidelines
  • Check Guidelines: NAV2015 commands added
  • Where Used: NAV2015 commands added
  • Translation Tool: Only primary languages could be chosen. Now all languages are available.
  • Column Deleted added to the MenuSuite viewer
  • Where Used: Variables of type Forms are now seen as pages if used in pages.
  • Where Used: Pages used as web service were not seen as reference
  • Check Guidelines: A missing semicolon at the end of a function is now added
  • Translation File Functions - Scanning for languages was not working in the RTC
  • Adding a project tag with the character ‘<’ was not possible
  • Parameter ValidateTableChanges added to the command line
  • Assign modification page filtered on the wrong user id.
  • Projects removed from transport were sometimes included in the transport

Version 9.03April 1, 2014

  • New codeunit "OM - Check New Transport" added to check for a new transport.
  • New option in transport new time stamp: Date of Transport.
  • New time stamp added to transport type.
  • Assign Modifications page/form is default filtered on active user
  • You get a proper message if you are importing a transport with a renumber field action and you do not have an active license that allows importing a text file.
  • Marking added to all object tools.
  • NAV2013: You get a proper message if marking of objects is not possible if the version list is full.
  • NAV2013: Extra test added to the "Check Settings" to see if dotnet is ok.
  • Removed quotes from field names in setup table.
  • Check guidelines. If a semicolon was missing on the last line it was not seen as missing.
  • Check guidelines. If REPEAT BEGIN where on the same line the BEGIN and END where sometimes removed wrongfully.
  • Where used. In a statement like FieldRef.SETRANGE(VarName) the VarName was seen as a fieldname instead of a variable.
  • If you removed a project from a transport in NAV2013 it still was connected to the transport.
  • Paths in setup extended to length 250.
  • NAV2013 - Get a user name with a domain.
  • NAV2013 - Marking an object is possible If the version list is shorter than 248 instead of 80.
  • NAV2013: Where used - Properties on Actions on a CueGroup where not parsed.
  • NAV2013: Where used - Table data was not analyzed if the object was not present in the object table as table data. Now info from table information is used.
  • NAV2013: Where used - On overflow was given is a long key was shown on the card page.
  • NAV2013: Command Line - Timeout of 5 seconds removed from the import object command.
  • NAV2013: Command Line - A longer pause is added to wait until the log file is free to open.
  • NAV2013: Command Line - Parameter validatetablechanges added to the command line.
  • NAV2013: Wrong page was used if you did a lookup to a language.
  • NAV2013: Check Guidelines - If an action was missing a caption is was not seen as missing.
  • NAV2013: Trace modifications - In some installations it was not possible to modify an object with the trace trigger.

Version 9.02November 1, 2013

  • Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2

Version 9.01Oktober 10, 2013

  • Objects can be converted from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 to previous versions.
  • OBJ files can be split and combined.
  • Objects belonging to a project can be exported in their current state, before the project or after the project.
  • Status can be changed for a selection of projects from the project list and plan board.
  • rollback objects were picked incorrectly from history when rolling back with a time value.

Version 9.00September 17, 2013

  • Windows Client
  • My Object Filter
  • Fob Format
  • Push Objects
  • Get objects from other database
  • Trace Modifications as Personal Setting
  • Export FOB from Project and Tranport Card
  • Shared Path
  • Filter on today, this week
  • Length of Text Variables Removed
  • Translation Comments
  • Query in Where Used

Version 8.6.0September 17, 2013

  • Lock Marking: you can lock the marking functionality to prevent that someone else will mark and unmark objects.
  • New trigger can be added in the on SQL level to the prevent a database conversion.
  • Database compare sheet can now be used with databases that does not have the OMA installed.
  • Better number series assignment. Now the last part of a project and transport number will be incremented instead of the fist number part.
  • New options "Update Referencing Objects" and “Set Modify Flag” added to the object update tools.
  • Range fields (From/Till) in "Update Variables Tool" changed to filter fields.
  • New option "Left Side Base Line" in report "Compare C/AL Code".
  • Better filenames are used when comparing objects.
  • Comparing a directory now uses the filenames used in the directory instead of the Object Manager format.
  • A warning is given when downgrading objects and a SourceTableTemporary property is removed.
  • A fob is included in the setup that can send mail with the NAV Mail Component 7.3
  • OBJ files can be split and combined.
  • Compare Fields
    • Field Compare Sheet. You can analyze the differences between two databases in a worksheet.
    • New file type called "Fields File" which contains the definition of table fields. This file type can be used in the following functionality: Import File, Import Directory, Compare File, Compare Directory, Split, Combine and Compare Fields, Mark Objects with Import File, Lock Objects with Import File.
  • Where Used
  • If an object is used in the report selection or as a web service the reference is show in the run trigger of the object.
  • A sub type is shown in the where used object lines. Is shows the object number of a variable.
  • A new column function name is added to the where used object lines.
  • The function INIT on tables is added as trigger in the where used object line.
  • When deleting a field in the where used only the filled fields are emptied instead of all fields.
  • When the C/AL history objects is not present the C/AL entry number is now automatically repaired.
  • Check Guidelines
  • Filters added to the header of the form so you can add e.g. the objects of a particular project or transport.
  • Fields "Object Date" and "Object Time" added so you can easily filter for recent objects.
  • "Check Field Names" check extended. It now checks that a field and the related table cannot have the same name. E.g. the field name Customer must be "Customer No.".
  • New Guideline Check: Check if a table has fields with the same caption.
  • New Guideline Check: Check if a CalcFormula is present
  • New Guideline Check: Check if a table relation is present on fields where in the code a primary key is assigned. e.g. "Customer No." := Customer."No.".
  • New Guideline Check: Check if a bigger field is assigned to a smaller field. 'This assignment can cause an overflow. Code10 := Code20'
  • New Guideline Check: Check if all relating tables are deleted in the OnDelete trigger of the main table.
  • New Guideline Check: Check if a string is used in a calc formula or a table relation.
  • New Guideline Check: Check that no code is written in the OnLookup trigger of a field. Must be transferred to function and called from a form.
  • New Guideline Check: Show where commenting with '{' and '}' is used.
  • New Guideline Check: Check that fields matches when a TransferFields command is found. E.g. "Transferfields on field Customer No. can cause an error. Code20 := Code40"
  • Translation Tool
  • Two new fields added to the translation tool: "Translate Later" and Comment.
  • If a translation is not found with the same type, all other types are checked.
  • Showing existing translation is now grouped and shown with the number of times used.
  • A warning is given when you are trying to import or export more than 100 objects in the translation tool. It's better to work with a translation file when working with a lot of objects.
  • The field "Calculated Caption Differs" was not always updated when a new caption was validated
  • Create Table Wizard
  • Entity types added to the Create Table Wizard: Master Data, Document (Header/Lines), Setup, Ledger Entry.
  • Captions and names can now be added/changed before the objects are created.
  • Projects and Transports
  • A hidden column is added to the project subform where you can see the last user that has changed the object.
  • Export projects and transports as OBJ, FAB or Text file.
  • The transport import wizard now starts right after the objects are confirmed in the compare sheet.
  • Check Transfer Fields
  • A new field "Known" added to filter out already known warnings.
  • Field class added to see if a field is a flow field.
  • Action Worksheet<
  • New action type "Add Record" added to the action worksheet.
  • When you validate a table number in the action worksheet the existing field mapping is maintained.
  • Objects to Ignore
  • The name "Known Object Export Error" changed to "Object to Ignore".
  • MenuSuites added to "Object to Ignore" list.
  • "Objects to Ignore" are now skipped when adding objects to the check guidelines tool.
  • Other
  • When you reset a project status not existing users will be emptied from the project card.
  • Removing a tag from the version list was ignoring special characters.
  • The client closed when Quick Find was set to no.
  • The progress bar will now show 0 seconds if it accidently passes 100%.
  • Renumbering object in export mode was not working.
  • It was not possible to open the edit table sheet with a RecordId field.
  • Menusuites containing empty guides were sometimes shown wrong.
  • Integration Management. A object deletion was not added to the modifications table.
  • The hash character was removed from the version list when deleting a variable in the where used functionality.

Version 8.5.4December 12, 2012

  • If the "Project No." was not validated in the "Assign Modications" form the default "Project Tag. Trigger Format" was used.
  • Empty lines were skipped when added to the documentation trigger.
  • A table with more than 350 fields could not be exported with the action worksheet. This is raised to 600 fields.
  • Where Used Functionality: Analyzing SIF fields with more than 20 FlowFilters was taking way to long. This is now limited to a max of 10 FlowFilters.
  • Check Guidelines: //TODO (without a space between // and TODO) was not recognized as a todo comment.
  • Renumber Elements: Page Actions were not renumbered
  • Renumber Elements: If a parameter of type option with a ')' was present in a function it was truncated
  • Menusuite Viewer: Nodes with missing guid properties were not linked to the right menu.
  • Create Table Wizard: Editable=No was used as a property. This is changed to Editable=0
  • The Finish button is now enabled in the first step of the Import Transport Wizard

Version 8.5.3 July 16, 2012

  • New field in setup for the name of the version list tag that is used in object text files.
  • Error handling is disabled when updating a single C/AL History record to see the error message.
  • Importing a report with RDLC lines longer than 2500 characters was not possible.
  • Import Objects Worksheet. Initialize existing object so the new object is flagged as new.
  • Where Used: SubFormLink was not analyzed if it was coupled with a ProviderID.
  • Check Guidelines: Object could not be checked is a control name was used with character '*'.
  • Check Guidelines: Object could not be checked if a code line had more than 10 ';'.
  • Check Guidelines: CALCDATE with missing '<>' did not find all mistakes.
  • Check Guidelines: Add gap error fixed.
  • Renumber Elements: Elements with a space in its name were not renumbered.
  • MenuSuite Viewer: Changes in lower MenuSuites were sometimes not handled ok.

Version 8.5.2 September 1, 2012

  • No mails were sent when a project went to a new status.
  • "Select a Folder" form was sometimes getting in a loop.
  • If you ran a table with more than 350 fields controls were overlapping.

Version 8.5.1 August 15, 2012

  • Version List was emptied when object was unlocked in combination with trace method SQL trigger.
  • Transport Import Wizard could not import a new transport.
  • Changes could not be confirmed when a transport was imported.
  • A selection can be recalculated in the translation tool.
  • Action Management: The value "Export Flowfields" was exported as "No" and could only imported in English. This is changed to "1".
  • Where Used Functionality: If a long optionstring was used in the parameters of a function you got an overflow error.
  • Better checking if an object can be imported in text format before it is updated.
  • Sometimes captions could not be written to an object if a '}' was used in the C/AL code.
  • Other FilterGroup in project subform.

Version 8.5 July 16, 2012

    Where Used Functionality
  • The exit value of a function added as entity to the Where Used functionality.
  • In the "Where Used In" list you can see which lines are temporary records.
  • It is possible to enable and disable field and keys in the Where Used Card.
  • An SQL trigger to check if the where used objects are up to date (100 times faster)
  • An option added to confirm, always or never update the where used tables.
  • Check Guidelines
  • New guidelines check: Check same field types in table relation and flowfields.
  • New guidelines check: Show if a control name is not used.
  • New guidelines check: Show if a code line does not have to be broken.
  • New guidelines check: Show if a CALCDATE is used without '<>'.
  • New guidelines check: Show where the MARK command is used.
  • Error handling in check guidelines so the OMA continues with the next object if an error occurs.
  • Captions can easily be changed in the check guidelines tool.
  • Known translations can be auto applied is they are present as a rule in the translation tool.
  • Projects and Transports
  • New option in Project and Transport Flow to block the project/transport.
  • Set known comments in project that were already present when the project started.
  • Possibility to import a transport without the wizard.
  • Edit and add project and transport comments with you text editor.
  • Show if an object is in an active project in Compare Database Sheet.
  • Possibility to rollback a project or transport.
  • Check License Form
  • Show free numbers that are both available as form type as page type.
  • Ex- and import license definition Check License form.
  • Translation Tool
  • Possibility to choose another base language than ENU in the translation tool.
  • Direct interaction between Database and Translation Tool (without translation file).
  • obp file format
  • New file format *.obp: Object Properties.
  • Im- and export new file format *.obp in Object Explorer.
  • Im- and export new file format *.obp in Objects Import Worksheet.
  • Im- and export new file format *.obp in Compare Database Sheet.
  • File functions
  • Extracting "Object Property File" and "Object Translation File" from "Text Files".
  • Option to compare an external text file or directory to the actual objects.
  • New form to modify translations in a text file and/or translation file.
  • New form to modify properties in a text file and/or OBP file.
  • Possibility to split a FIB file.
  • Possibility to split and combine a translation file.
  • Other
  • An option that pages has to be included in the Record Permission Wizard.
  • Lookup on table relations in the Edit Table Data form.
  • It is now possible to add the SQL triggers to a database without windows logon.
  • Setting to lock the database. No object modifications will be possible.
  • Fob, fib, obj, txt and obp-files can be compared in the Compare Database Sheet.
  • Administration task added to remove the OMA from a database.
  • The UID Offset can be set on a project type and/or in the setup.
  • When an transport is imported all object modifications will be assigned to the included project.
  • Edit comments in projects and transports with an external editor.
  • After an object restore the object is compiled to rebuild the Meta Data.
  • Little changes
  • Field "Remove Modify Flag at Transp." added to transport type card.
  • Recognizing if partner or customer license present when upgrading from trial to full version.
  • Administration Task added to empty the where used tables.
  • Administration Task added to empty deleted fields and tables.
  • Administration Task added to upgrade to the full version.
  • A hidden column "Project" added to the modifications and project history form.
  • A more detailed Project button added to the Assign Modification form.
  • Shortcut Ctrl+P added for opening the documents.
  • When "Show Last Changes" you are getting a question is you want to update the C/AL History.
  • Column for users added to the Planning Board.
  • Progress bar added when assigning modifications.
  • An option "Confirm,Yes" added to the "Remove Locks at Closing Menu".
  • On the Modifcations form a menu option added to go to the history of an object.
  • Marking of objects added to the "Check Guidelines Comments" form.
  • Fields added to the project subform on the assign modifications form.
  • A new option on the Project Card to activate a project.
  • Record Permissions: An option that pages has to be included in the role.
  • Renumber elements: When there is nothing to renumber the object does no longer getting a new timestamp.
  • Updating Version List: When you have two times the same "Version List Id" one is deleted.
  • When you renumber an object data and conflicting data is present you will be warned and the data will be deleted.
  • Where Used: If an object is used in a menusuite then show it in the run trigger.
  • Show if an objects is in an active project in the "Compare Database" form.
  • Codeunit 1: Open Menu can be ran with a new codeunit "OM - Open Menu".
  • When you import an object text file first all objects are imported and then compiled.
  • Create Table Wizard: An option to add a Drop Down field group.
  • Bugfixes
  • Create Table Wizard: It was possible to selection a search name field without a name field.
  • Sometimes the OMA could not find the right user is in the OM - User table.
  • Compare Databases: It was not possible to connect to an SQL database with SQL Server Authentication.
  • Renumber Objects: Sometimes if the sorting was on "New Number" records were skipped.
  • Projects and Transports: Project Type was not validated if you choose project type with assist edit on the no. field.
  • Projects and Transports: The field "Update Version List" was not copied from the "Transport Type".
  • Projects and Transports: Subform was disabled is there were no objects is the project.
  • Documentation Tag: When the trace method Timer was used and a tag was added to the documentation trigger a new modification was added.
  • SQL Trigger: When a fob was imported and an object was locked outside you license it was not possible to remove the LOCKED tag from the version list.
  • Colors: RGY was used instead of RGB.
  • Check Guidelines: If a language was not present in the Language table it was skipped.
  • Check Guidelines: Analyzing a SETCURRENTKEY was giving an error sometimes.
  • OBJ file: When an object had a time in another format as your local settings you were getting an error.
  • Check License: When a filter on ID was on the form the shown recordset was not right.
  • Where Used: When a dataitem with a quote was used not all references were found.
  • Where Used: A filter in a tableview on a form without a selected key was not indexed.
  • You were getting an error when you were opening an object in an external editor and the option "Lock Object at Design" was enabled.
  • Renumber Elements: An error was given if the ReturnValue of a function had a conflicting id.
  • Create Table Wizard: It was not possible to enter a name in the nos. series table.
  • If an object was included in the renumber objects and was not renumbered the where used tables of the object were deleted.
  • When you deleted 10 lines in the c/al code form and the object was outdated you were getting 10 warnings.

Version 8.03 Oktober 10, 2011

  • New functionality: Where Used - Fields used in keys added.
  • New field in repository setup table to raise the timeout value for TFS
  • When entering active project in the “Assign Modifications” form also the project to assign will be selected.
  • Pressing in the search box on the “Search String in C/AL Code” form will trigger the search.
  • Domain will be removed when “User ID” is validated in “OM - User” table.
  • In the compare database orphans of the right database were not shown.
  • It was not possible to add a project tag to a report with RDLDATA.
  • Menusuites are ignored if you try to add a project tag to a menusuite.
  • Where Used - Sometimes a statement like database::”Sales Header” was shown in the run trigger.
  • TFS source control. Illegal temp files were created with English local settings.

Version 8.02September 17, 2011

  • If the exact same project tag is already present in an object it is not added for a second time.
  • Where Used Management: Calculating which objects has to be updated is made faster.
  • Calculation the highest transport number was not done right.
  • The “Assign modifications” form was not pointing to the right project when opened from the project card.
  • Calculating the initials of the active user was done with the field Code instead of the field “User ID”.
  • Modify permission were needed to export an object. This is changed to read permissions.
  • Check Guidelines. The check if a project tag is present in an object looked at the whole objects instead of the documentation trigger.
  • Initializing the database with the option "Block Design with Ctrl+F2" was giving an error.

Version 8.01September 1, 2011

  • Project Type
  • Add Project Tag to Documentation Trigger
  • Transport Type
  • Transport Flow
  • Compare Databases
  • Set Variable Range
  • Possibility to add projects to transport in planning phase
  • Improved "Comment Sheet"
  • Improved Objects Import Worksheet
  • Mailing with SMTP or Outlook
  • Possibility to save to C/AL History without “C/AL Code”
  • Possibility to disable Integration Management for importing a conflicting fob
  • Check Guidelines on project card
  • Check Guidelines when project goes to status ready
  • Check Guidelines at transporting
  • New action type Execute DOS Command
  • Reset Transport Status at Import Transport
  • A Boolean on the Project Object table to choose if an object must be transported
  • Parameters can be used in “Compare Executable” and “C/AL Editor Executable” setup fields
  • New Guidelines Check: Check if TextConstant in used in a dialog
  • New Guidelines Check: Check if project tag is present in documentation trigger
  • New Check Guidelines: Check Wrong SETCURRENTKEY
  • New Check Guidelines: Check Usage Wrong Keys
  • Check Guidelines: Available access keys are shown when a conflict is found
  • Set date time to object files when exporting objects or splitting object text file
  • Possibility to exclude FlowFields in actions
  • Possibility to select "" and "" in action worksheet
  • Where Used Functionality: See which objects used in an object (on relations tab)
  • Possibility to export objects from "Where Used String" form
  • Possibility to mark object from "Object List"
  • C/AL Editor is used when editing object in "C/AL History Lines" and "Check Guidelines Code"
  • Better collapse functions in "MenuSuite Viewer"
  • Possibility to choose between "Name" and "Description" field in "Create Table Wizard"
  • Better report to create actions in "Action Worksheet"
  • If GUIALLOWED added to dialogs to add "Update C/AL History” and “Update Where Used” to NAS
  • Object unlocking - At integration management the 'LOCKED' tag was not removed if it was set by SQL trigger.
  • Renumber Fields - Only the original fields of the last table were removed.
  • Renumber Objects - When copying to action worksheet object type table was used.
  • Where Used - Identifier that Variable Usage was calculated was not always set to false.
  • Determining Highest Version Nos.: OMA7.01.01 was higher than OMA7.02.
  • Determining Version Nos.: If version list id 'OM' was present, OMA2.01 was also seen as OM with no. A20.1.
  • Translation Tool – When a caption was changed it was not exported if another language was active.
  • Check License – The form was sometimes getting in a loop when showing unused object nos.
  • Send Keys Management – Objects were not opened when German Language was active.
  • Group Modifications – An overflow error was given when the previous modification was more than 24 days ago.
  • Renumber Elements – Controls of RequestForm and RequestPage were not seen.

Version 7.02April 3, 2011

  • New field in setup “C/AL Editor Executable”. This executable is used when opening objects with executable. If empty the default text editor is used.
  • New field in setup “Server Name”. This can be used if the server name cannot be determined with the server table.
  • Possibility to go to C/AL code from Check Transferfield form
  • Menu options to calculate variable usage from “Where Used In” and “Where Used Object List” forms
  • Mark objects from “Search String in C/AL Code” form
  • CONFIRM instead of ERROR when Version List exceeds 80 characters when transporting objects
  • At importing and modifying objects in text format the regional data format is used instead of the date format from the setup card
  • Objects were not locked when designing from object explorer.
  • Where Used Functionality – When an object with a quote was used in a report an error occurred.
  • Check Guidelines – The captions in the Action List of pages were not checked.
  • Objects without a date were popping up in Object Compare Sheet every time.
  • Renumber Fields – Objects were compiled halfway. Therefore not all references were updated.
  • TFS – Batch files were deleted while they were locked. This resulted in an error on slow repositories.
  • Create Table Wizard. A description field of 100 was created. A Search Name with length 30. This could result is an error.

Version 7.01February 26, 2011

  • Upgrade Trial
  • Import Transport with SQL trigger
  • Change Object Properties
  • Objects Import Worksheet
  • Merge C/AL History
  • Branches
  • Execute SQL Query
  • Repository without Synchronization
  • What Used In
  • Delete Where Used Object Lines
  • Seach String in C/AL Code
  • MenuSuite Viewer
  • Check TODO Comment
  • Set Known Comments with C/AL Hsitory
  • Im- and Export Known Comments
  • Perform Guidelines on Text File
  • Create Table Wizard
  • Change Field Options
  • Renumber Elements
  • Initialize Transferfields
  • Pages
  • Integration with NAV2009 R2 locking functionality
  • Trace modifications with “Integration Management”
  • New option in setup added to enable execution of actions with indirect permissions
  • New option in setup added to compile objects after transport is imported
  • New option in setup for keep forms maximized when designing or running objects
  • New setup initialization type “Pre-Prod”
  • Variables added in Where Used
  • Virtual tables added in Where Used
  • Transferfields added in Where Used
  • “Record Links” of projects and transport are transported
  • Possibility to e-mail to multiple roles when changing project status
  • Server and database name in project status change email
  • Warning added when you import an old transport
  • Option to block/unblock projects and transports at importing transport
  • Structure of Translation Tool changed so that you do not have to wait when changing between languages
  • Date Filter in Compress C/AL History
  • New Pick Folder form
  • Edit objects in external editor
  • You can set trace mode in assign modifications forms
  • Possibility to enter T for Today (h for Heute) in the date filter in the Object Explorer
  • Fields added to “Lookup Version List” form to see the “No. of Objects” and “No. of Version List Nos.” per “Version List Id”
  • New option in Object Explorer (Ctrl + Shift + F5) to check the C/AL History.
  • Field “Restored from Entry No.” added to “C/AL History Objects”.
  • Where Used: Primary Key added to Secondary Keys where needed
  • Where Used: Smarter context mechanism for recognizing statements with conflicting names

Version 6.03 September 1, 2010

  • Field id added to the translation tool.
  • When changing the project filter in the “Object Explorer” and you have trace mode “Active Project” then the active project will be changed.
  • Renumber objects can be ran over a text file so updating the where used object is not necessary anymore.
  • In the renumber objects form you can fetch all the objects of a project, a transport or a text file.
  • Renumber fields can be ran over a text file so updating the where used object is not necessary anymore.
  • Update variables can be ran over a text file so updating the where used object is not necessary anymore.
  • C/AL History: It was not possible to show the C/AL code of an object that was deleted from the database.

Version 6.02July 5, 2010

  • Test Framework
  • “Group Modifications Period (sec.)”
  • Marking functions extended.
  • When an object was assigned in popup mode sometimes the second time resulted in an error.
  • Send Keys: Pause between keystrokes raised to 100 ms.

Version 6.01April 10, 2010

  • Add SQL Trigger to the Object Table
  • Lock Objects
  • Lock Objects with Import File
  • Im- and Export OBJ Files
  • Im - and Export Text Files
  • Split Files
  • Combine Fiels
  • Action Worksheet - Rename Data
  • Action Worksheet - Renumber Object
  • Action Worksheet - Renumber Field
  • Repository
  • Check Guidelines - Check Unnecessary Properties Table
  • Check Guidelines - Check Double Shortcut Keys
  • Check Guidelines - Check Unnecessary Properties
  • Check Guidelines - Check Primary Key in Table Relation
  • Check Guidelines - Check Transferfields
  • 30 COLORS
  • Commits are now shown in the Client Monitor Analyzer.
  • A new field is added to the transport table for assigning a status.
  • If you assign a modification to a project you will get a warning if the object is not compiled.
  • A new field “Default Role” is added to the User table.
  • A new option “Remove Modify Flag at Transport” is added to the setup table.
  • A new option “Check for Untransported Projects at Importing Transport” is added to the setup table.
  • If you transported objects with the SQL-trigger enabled all objects were seen as modifications.
  • Objects were sometimes keep popping up in the object compare sheet.
  • With some clients the keystrokes were sent to fast.
  • Importing of indirect permissions caused an error if an end user did not have the right permissions.
  • If a key was deleted or inserted all the other keys were pointing to the wrong where used in base.
  • Sometimes the "Run Table" and "Edit Table Data" functions failed because the existing form could not be exported.
  • Where-Used Functionality: When there was C/AL code in a report DataItem the SourceExpr were not recognized
  • Where-Used Functionality: 'EVALUATE(Field, '1');' was not seen as a fill of the field.
  • Where-Used Functionality: 'Field += 1;' was not seen as a fill of the field.
  • Check Guidelines: Sometimes the ELSE of an IF was seen as the ELSE of a case statement.
  • The check if the SQL-trigger is added was executed with the "OM - Setup" table even if you did not had the right to modify it. Now an object is used that can be changed.
  • Translation Tool: Rules on translations of textconstants were not always recognized.
  • Translation Tool: If a rule had a translation that was longer than 50 characters the text was saved wrong.

Version 5.01December 7, 2009

  • Block Design with Ctrl+F2
  • Check Guidelines Tool

Version 4.05November 1, 2009

  • Set and remove breakpoints in Where Used results.
  • New field in “OM – Setup”: “Keep Objects Maximized”
  • All code with datetime fields converted to separated date and time fields. This because of wrong calculation with daylight savings.

Version 4.04October 25, 2009

  • Where used functionality: Variables with names like ‘next’, ‘find’ etc. were seen as commands instead of variables.
  • Edit Table Data: Filters on the form were saved.
  • Edit Table Data: If you tried to open a table with too many text fields. (like 200 or so) you got an error that the form was too big.
  • Edit Table Data: Opening a form with “Trace Method” SQL-trigger resulted in two object changes.

Version 4.03October 3, 2009

  • Transporting Files: Better error message when you try to transport an object that cannot compile.
  • C/AL History: The C/AL was not written to the history when you assigned a modification to a project.
  • Renumber Fields: Renumbering failed when there was a line in an object with more than 1000 characters.
  • Renumber Fields: Better error message when you try to renumber a field to a number outside your license.
  • Where used functionality: Determining “where used in” with a report with more than 100 data items resulted in an error.
  • Edit Table Data: Opening a table with an “-sign in the caption resulted in an error.

Version 4.02September 20, 2009

  • SQL-trigger: Adding the SQL-trigger resulted in an error in some environments. [Id] changed to [ID] and [OM – SETUP] to [OM – Setup]

Version 4.01September 2, 2009

  • A new trace method: SQL Trigger.
  • A new assign method: Active Project.
  • Two new fields added to the project card at tab planning. Url and Path
  • A new option at the Project Card to transport the project.
  • At the transport card the “Version List Number” will be automatic increased if you choose a “Version List Id”.
  • It is possible to edit the C/AL code in the code forms.

Version 3.07July 30, 2009

  • Send Keys Management: Added shortcuts for “&Find first” for all languages.
  • Field “Update Version List” added to the Setup and to the Transport table. When transporting, the version list of the objects are only updated if this Boolean is enabled.
  • Action Management: In some clients Booleans were exported as ‘true’ and ‘false’. to ‘1’ and ‘0’.
  • Where used functionality: SourceTableView property of Form was not good analyzed.
  • Translation tool: You got an error when you tried to import a menu item with a name longer than 30 characters.

Version 3.06July 20, 2009

  • Where used functionality: Relations were not deleted if an object was deleted. Relations will now be deleted.
  • Assign modifications: If you had a project with 100 characters you got an error when opening the “Assign Modifications” form.
  • Action Management is now always executed in ENU Language. Language is set with CurrReport.Language.
  • Object Explorer: Caption of objects was not calculated.
  • Object Explorer: Design of object was not possible with a German client. A different shortcut key is now used. (the same for run and new)
  • Where used functionality: If a long textconstant was present in the global variables sometimes not all variables were read.

Version 3.05July 7, 2009

  • Mark Objects with Input File
  • Downgrade Objects
  • Compress C/AL History
  • 5 Separated fobs for NAV versions 3.7, 4.0, 4.0 SP2, 5.0 and 2009
  • Review of all progressbars.
  • All FIND(‘-‘) and FIND(‘+’) replaced by 4.0 SP2 functions (FINDSET, FINDFIRST, …)
  • All open and save Command Dialog’s reviewed.
  • All references to standard NAV objects are removed. The Object Manager will now compile without errors in an empty database.
  • The BLOB References of the saved compiled objects are moved to a separated table. This to prevent that the blob is unnecessarily fetched from the database.
  • Renumber objects/ Renumber fields/Update variables. Before updating the objects you will be confirmed is there are any object locks present on involved objects.
  • Renumber objects/ Renumber fields/Update variables. The C/AL of all involved objects will be compared to the last C/AL History Object before the objects will be updated. This to be sure that the Object Manager will not use an old version.
  • Renumber fields: Renumbering of fields of type TableFilter added
  • Renumber fields: Renumbering of disabled fields added
  • Where used functionality: When a function or field is renamed the C/AL of all reference objects will be updated.
  • Where used functionality: Error handling added (IF CU.RUN()). When an object has unexpected C/AL which results in an error the object will be skipped.
  • Update Variables: Sometimes the end of a function was not recognized so only the first function of a codeunit was updated.
  • Edit and run table: If you tried to open a form with a disabled field you got an error. Only enabled fields are added to the form.
  • Backup and restore: Field 14 removed from “Action Field” table. This field was disabled and was sometimes crashing NAV without an error.
  • Object Compare Sheet: Version List Fields extended to length 80

Version 3.04June 15, 2009

  • Backup and Restore
  • Renumber Fields
  • Update in DB Mode
  • Export Mode
  • Deleting objects in Object Explorer is now possible.
  • Exporting and importing of BLOB fields added in action management
  • Exporting and importing a FAB with different language settings went wrong. Boolean and date fields are now always ex- and imported in a fixed format.
  • Trigger FIND added to the where used functionality
  • In some clients disappeared all objects from the object designer when filtergroup(1) was used on the object table. Now filtergroup(2) is used instead.
  • Where used functionality: Cope with functions without an id.
  • Where used functionality: Cope with dataitems in an XmlPort without VarName
  • Where used functionality: Relations to tables with the character ‘/’ like “Country/Region” were skipped in updating where used in functionality.
  • Where used functionality: Analyzing where used in with Fields with a quote went sometimes wrong.
  • Translation Tool: Language Id is used when there is no record in Table 8 – Language.
  • Open Table Form: The fieldname of the field “Name” of table Company is now used instead of the string “Name”. So in old Dutch databases the string ‘Naam’ is used.
  • Open Table Form: A new form with a shortcut option ‘Ctrl’ was used. This raised an error when using a German client where “Strg” is used. The shortcut is removed.

Version 3.03May 27, 2009

  • Cope with text constant that have a line feed in them.

Version 3.02 April 1, 2009

  • Objects to Ignore List
  • Shortcuts for design MenuSuite and Pages added to the Object Explorer.
  • When you run a Table in the Object Explorer the “OM - Show Table Data” form opens. Check added that a developer license is active.
  • Compile (F11) option added to the Object Explorer.
  • Functionality added to add date expression like in the ‘filename-fields’ that are available at the Tab “Transport Files” from the setup.
  • An Empty TableRelation raised an error in the Function AnalyseTableRelation in Codeunit “OM - Where Used Management”.
  • Currform.SetSelectionFilter didn’t always got the right selection in the Object Explorer. Function SetSelectionFilter2 added to select the selected records.

Version 3.01March 1, 2009

  • Renumber Objects
  • Delete Unused Variables
  • Sort Variables
  • Show Table Data
  • Edit Table Data
  • Translation Tool
  • Client Monitor Analyzer
  • Check License
  • Bitmaps
  • Record Permission Wizard

Version 2.02February 1, 2009

  • Initialize Setup
  • Reset Project Status
  • Confirm Changes at Importing Transport
  • Object Compare Sheet
  • Reset Project Status at Importing Transport
  • Auto Open Object Explorer at F12
  • Rollback Objects

Version 2.01January 23, 2009

  • Where Used Objects
  • Object Explorer
  • Action Worksheet
  • Object Locking
  • C/AL History

Version 1.01September 4, 2007

    Initial release