Document Capture

Scan, extract and automatically process incoming invoices and other documents

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Document Capture

Don’t waste time on data entry. With Document Capture there is no need for rekeying entire documents into NAV. Just scan a document or take your incoming PDF's and let the software analyze, recognize and process and store the information.   

Document Capture uses the award winning ABBYY OCR solution which brings you a 100% recognition of data. Combined with smart user interfaces and processing logic for Dynamics NAV, this is all you need for fully automatic document processing. 

Boost your work flow. Simply use Document Capture

In any given organization, documents flood in by the minute, through email and traditional mail. Letters, quotes, order confirmations, contracts, agreements, certificates and purchase invoices poor in. Without Document Capture, employees have the pityful task of:

  • reading a document 
  • extracting the data 
  • entering them into the administrative and financial systems

In this process, mistakes are easily made. And productivity drops. This is where Document Capture takes away your problems.

Scanning. Data extraction. Registration. All within Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Document Capture uses the latest scanning technology with an incredible accuracy. This saves time and improves the quality of scanned images. These scans can be made at any location and are automatically imported into the central Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. Document Capture is also based on award winning OCR technology. Document Capture can handle more than 180 languages and dialects. The analysis engine captures fields and values from any document.   

Archiving in seconds. With Document Capture

Document Capture then moves on to the previously defined templates in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Captured data such as payments, personal data, quotes, invoices, serial numbers, keywords are automatically allocated to the right fields in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Finally, all document are stored electronic in PDF/A format. Employees can always recall the original scan. 

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Here’s why you want to work with Document Capture

  • No more printing files
  • No more re-scanning files
  • Remote scanning, central storage
  • All document types
  • PDF files can be downloaded automatically by Document Capture from a predefined email address
  • These files are OCR processed without any user interaction
  • All documents are stored in PDF/A format
  • Easy access through Microsoft Dynamics NAV or the Document Capture Web portal
  • Integrated with NAV’s Purchase & Payables module 
  • Purchase Invoices are scanned upon receipt
  • Enables staff and employees to approve documents online through a portal
  • Attention of an approver automatically drawn through email reminder 
  • Quick retrieval of documents and specific data
  • Digital archive is integrated with the Interaction Log in the Sales & Marketing module
  • Available for all Dynamics NAV versions, 3.70 and up 
  • Available in many languages, such as Dutch, English, German and French
  • Integrated with the local functionality of the country versions