ShipIT webinar

With ShipIT you can easily register your transports with over more than 400 carriers worldwide, all from within your NAV/BC system. Also, your customers can select a carrier with the corresponding service, ShipIT will log the shipment to the carrier via the Transsmart platform. 

When booking, the corresponding label for the selected carrier and transport service is printed immediately. Track and trace codes can be emailed and are also available in Dynamics NAV or BC. Booking of shipments can be fully automated. It is even possible to compare carriers on the basis of current delivery times and prices, save money and time, all from within ShipIT! 

Here is an overview of the functionality of ShipIT, the ShipIT interfaces with standard NAV/BC and the role which Transsmart plays when using ShipIT. 

Some of the features that were covered in the webinars: 

  • ShipIT for Business Central with the following subjects;  
    • Organizing and mapping master data 
    • Which document types connect with ShipIT
    • Transsmart fields
    • How to create a transport order
    • How to book a transport order
    • Label printing 
  • Transportorder worksheet 
  • The ShipIT app 


Transsmart's shipping software in combination with ShipIT accelerates the entire logistics process from purchase to delivery. In addition to this, the process becomes more transparent and more efficient. This eliminates the need to develop and maintain links with carriers for Dynamics NAV or BC customers. Besides the carrier link, the shipping label of the chosen carrier is also made available, maintained and printed directly from ShipIT. 

You can watch the recording of our ShipIT webinar below:

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