Book shipments, print labels, get status updates, with just a click.

Available as an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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For your distribution process you can work with DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, PostNL, Royal Mail, Schenker, to name just a few. Or it could be that you work with a smaller, specialized or local carrier. Or perhaps a combination of carriers. Usually the main problem is, they all have their own interface.

And not only do they have their own booking system or interface, they also have their own labeling and notification system. And if you have already integrated one of these interfaces with your ERP system, chances are that you are frequently working on updating that connection. 

For companies who want get rid of all the hassle of carrier interfaces, or companies who want to switch from manually keying in transport orders to an integrated setup, we have developed ShipIT. 

ShipIT is completely integrated in Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV and ShipIT knows about all carrier interfaces. ShipIT is simply selecting what to ship and book & print a label with one single click.

ShipIT ROI Calculator

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Total recurring costs (yearly)€ 0.00
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Total operational cost savings/year€ 0.00
Total nett savings year 1€ 0.00
Total nett savings following years€ 0.00
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Just click ShipIT

Whether you work with single sales orders or by using warehouse shipments, a single click takes you to ShipIT. Optionally you can select your preferred carrier or browse through rates and delivery times. As soon as your transport order is ready, just click 'Book & Print' to have it shipped. From this point, ShipIT takes over. The only thing you have to do is to put the label on the box. From here on the carrier will do what they always did, pick up and deliver your packages. Track & trace links and status updates will automatically be updated in your ERP system.

Seamless communication via Transsmart

ShipIT is developed together with our partner Transsmart. Transsmart is the leading logistics data provider and they focus on streamlining communications between carriers and ERP systems. Transsmart knows about hundreds of carrier interfaces, and gives us one single endpoint to work with in Business Central. This makes switching between, or adding new carriers, super easy.  

Upgrade your NAVcommerce

When both NAVcommerce and ShipIT are installed, you can make use of the Transsmart data to enrich the checkout proces. This means shipment methods and costs depending on the delivery location. And you can offer pickup points, even when working with multiple carriers. 

ShipIT - Another smart Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central add-on

ShipIT can be installed in around 30 minutes and has a low impact on your current ERP system

For more info about ShipIT, please contact us or one of our partners

For an accurate overview of connected carriers, please click here.

Here’s why ShipIT smoothens your logistics

  • Carrier-connectivity with almost every carrier worldwide
  • Transsmart can even connect carriers who dont have a digital interface
  • Select carrier depending on best rates and/delivery times
  • Real-time connection through web services
  • Label printing directly from within Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Print on any printer within your organisation
  • Printing of additional documents such as CMR & CN22
  • Customized e-mail notifications
  • Rate & contract engine
  • Real-time status information of shipments
  • Real-time track & trace information within Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Freight audit services 
  • BI-reporting
  • Extensive Service Level Agreements 

Here is what ShipIT does for your e-commerce

  • Offer pickup points depending customer location
  • Shipping rates based on shopping cart contents
  • Track & Trace info directly available for customers 
  • Use track & trace and other shipment info in notifications