Cobase Bank Connector

Manage your banking processes within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Available for Netherlands and Belgium.

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Cobase Bank Connector

Out-of-the-box bank connectivity for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, with over 200 banks integrated via the Cobase platform! The solution removes the manual processes to upload payment files and reporting statements.

With the Bank Connector App for Dynamics 365 Business Central, the Cobase platform is fully integrated with your system. You can automatically transfer your payment in a secure way to Cobase and with the flexible approval flow, they are transferred to all your banks. Bank statements are automatically downloaded from your banks and delivered to Business Central, ready to be picked up for automatic reconciliation. Simple!

Sign in to Cobase and manage your banking without needing to use the regular banking credentials, no need to use a bank card or separate banking app, the two-step verification is done entirely within Cobase. Have full control on your authorization structure within your company. 

Cobase Bank Connector - Easy and seamless banking integration for Business Central.

Cobase bank connector for Business Central has been developed specifically to:

  • Reduce the operational inefficiency of managing multiple bank accounts and payment providers manually. 
  • Remove the IT complexity from your organization.
  • Eliminate the security risks of critical information being accessed, amended, or intercepted externally, and invisibly, to your core business systems and processes.
  • Easy automated bi-directional integration between Business Central, Cobase and all your banks for payment files and reporting statements.

Cobase offers off-the-shelf direct connections in the most optimal way to most major global banks. But Cobase also implements on-demand bank connections to all requested banks. Cobase supports this for all required bank protocols, bank security, bank formats, and payment products in more than 100 countries. 

Besides delivering the aggregation platform with portal and the Cobase bank connector app it also takes care of the implementation effort towards the banks and Payment service providers. 

Find out more about the Cobase Bank Connector app on the Cobase website.


Key Benefits

Structure the authorization model in your company: Authorize your employees with their own authorization profiles. Set a limit per person and/or have combined budgets.

Eliminates manual and inefficient processes: Cobase Bank Connector for Business Central automatically transfers your payment files via Cobase platform to your banks and downloads the bank statements back in Business Central ready to be picked up by your reconciliation tool.

Be compliant with your risk policies: Eliminating the touchpoints where a payment (batch) can be changed reduce your operational risks.

Integration to all possible banks and PSP’s: Connection via the Cobase multibank platform to all EU and non-EU banks in a centralized way for your multi-currency bank accounts.

Supported by a professional implementation Cobase team: Your bank connectivity setup is guided by a professional team from Cobase that communicates with you and your banks to set up the connections in the best and fastest way.

Easily extendible with additional cash management and treasury modules: integrate with a real (mini) Treasury Management System.


Cobase Bank Connector for Business Central is a 'Built for Business Central' solution which helps organizations eliminate inefficient and risky manual processes to: 

  • Upload payment files to your banks.
  • Download reports and statements from all your banks.
  • No need for bank cards and bank credentials for payment-related processes.

Seamless Bank Integration.

  • Cobase manages the integrations from the platform to most major national and international banks and payment service providers (PSP’s) as standard.
  • All kind of bank protocols and interfaces are supported (EBICS, SWIFT & H2H (PSD2) API Integrations).

Simple, Secure & Controlled.

  • Manage permissions and access at the user or role level. 
  • Full audit trail of all actions including time, date, and user stamp.
  • Multi-factor authentication to log in to the Cobase portal.

Single Point of Access to all Accounts

  • No need to log in and out of individual electronic banking portals.