Object Manager Advanced 365

The most popular development tool is now also available for AL

Object Manager Advanced 365

The most-used development tool for NAV developers is now available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-prem. You can use your trusted and familiar manager to manage your objects in Business Central.

More relevant than ever

A question we've heard more than once is whether OMA is still relevant now that we have Business Central and Visual Studio Code. And the answer is 'yes', for many reasons. Firstly, the well-known features found in OMA are available in OMA 365 to optimize your AL code projects in Business Central. These features include Where Used, Guideline Check and Compare Databases. 

To gain access to Object Manager Advanced 365, e-mail sales@idyn.nl with your request for download and license key.

The OMA 365 demo video below will provide you with a high-level overview of the app's functionalities.

Object Manager Advanced 365 is fully developed using AL code and is available as an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises. 

Use the well-known functionalities of OMA now in Business Central with OMA 365:

Where-used analysis on both the core Business Central platform and any developed custom applications.

Configurable guidelines checks, i.e. what is the quality of the AL code, and where could improvements be applied. OMA365 automatically identifies the places where the guidelines are not followed, and also offers the possibility to automatically improve unevenness.

Real-time monitoring of changes, including history tracking. OMA 365 is able to read in, analyze and monitor (custom) apps. Changes are stored in the object history, and with the help of this history, it is possible to explain differences, but also to reverse changes through a restore.

All changes are managed on a project basis. All development work is tracked through projects in Business Central by OMA 365, including the automatic workflow. In this way, development teams keep track of programming and its progress. 

For more information about Object Manager Advanced 365 for Business Central online, to gain access to the download and license key, contact Sales@idyn.nl

List of functionalities:
Comparison of Functionalities of OMA for NAV and OMA 365

Frequently asked questions

Are the OMA C/Al to AL conversion features available for all NAV versions?

The converter is available from OMAv13 which suits all NAV versions 2013 and up.

Where do I get product support?

Product support is available free of charge via support@idyn.nl or idyn.freshdesk.com.

Is OMA available for Business Central AL?

OMA 365 for Business Central on-prem is available. Request access and a license key via sales@idyn.nl.

What are Application Builder and Solution Developer granules, and why is there a pricing difference related to these in your OMA end-user licensing model?

Application Builder (AB) and Solution Developer (SD) granules are development granules which can be purchased through Microsoft. These enable the access to certain code units which would not be available otherwise. As a consequence, these granules also determine the range in which OMA can operate, hence the pricing difference.

Can I run OMA in unlimited databases with 1 license?

Yes, as long as these databases are grouped under a single NAV/BC installation within a single voice ID.

Why do I have to pay enhancement/maintenance fees?

Upon purchasing a perpetual OMA license, we charge an annual enhancement/maintenance fee of 20% of the total license value. Keeping your maintenance plan up-to-date ensures access to new version/updates/bug fixes/etc. This fee is included in the subscription pricing.

What is the OMA community?

The OMA community is a group of dedicated partners and end-users who use OMA on a regular basis. This group helps us to test and evaluate all major new versions prior to release.

Does idyn provide OMA product training?

Yes, product training is available remotely or on-site, for both partners and end-users. Please contact support@idyn.nl for rates and additional information.

Does idyn provide a trial/demo license?

Yes, an environment is available through remote desktop connection, with OMA pre-installed. Access to this desktop is limited to 1 week.

I am a partner. Can I re-sell the solution to my customers?

Of course, if you are a Microsoft Dynamics partner you are eligible to re-sell all of our solutions. Please contact support@idyn.nl for conditions and additional information.