Herke ICT Group

Using Document Creator
for all our clients

That's right, all our clients!

Herke ICT Group is a modern Dynamics NAV partner with a 100% focus on construction. The Bouwvision add-on in Dynamics NAV has been developed specially for the construction sector. Many construction companies work with Bouwvision, and because the solution has been developed as a complete entity, there’s no need for Herke to undertake customisation for its clients.

This means clients can upgrade to new versions quickly and easily. The complete upgrade including data migration can be performed within the maintenance contract. In the transition from NAV2009 to NAV2013 or higher, upgrades suddenly increased in price. This is because clients sometimes had 30 of their own reports which had to be converted to RDLC. With an investment of one or two days per report on average, this became too costly for clients, so that upgrades were postponed.

Herke has scoured the market for a solution which:

  • Lets you develop new reports quickly yourself
  • Lets clients modify their reports themselves (easy to use)
  • Has a reporting tool with rich functionality (barcodes, QR codes, images etc.)
  • Has a low price per end-client
  • Has the ability to convert old reports

After research, two products were tested extensively: ForNAV and Document Creator. Document Creator was ultimately chosen with great conviction. The following arguments were the deciding factors:

  • Pricing: Document Creator price per client is far lower than other solutions.
  • User-friendliness: clients can modify reports themselves.
  • Rich functionality: certainly in comparison with the ForNAV report editor. 
  • Convertor: reports from old environment can be converted.

We became so enthusiastic about this product that we immediately provided it to all our clients. This means we can serve all our clients with the same tooling, and we remain competitive in the market with our Dynamics NAV solution. The threshold for our clients to upgrade from NAV2009 to a current NAV version has also been lowered significantly!

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