OMA 365 available for Business Central on-prem

Jan 6, 2022 by Elleke Braaksma
We are excited to announce that Object Manager Advanced 365 is available for Business Central. OMA 365 can be used to optimize your AL code and is available for BC on-premises 15/16/17/18 and 19.

Current OMA partners and customers can start using the new OMA 365 without any additional costs, provided a current and up-to-date enhancement or subscription plan. In Q1 2022 the OMA 365 customer deployment version will be made available as well.

To gain access to the download page of OMA 365, mail to with your request for download. You’ll receive an email in return with the confirmation and license key.

Contact to request access OMA 365

OMA 365 - Getting started

What's in OMA 365?
See table below you can see all features of OMA 365 for Business Central compared to Developer and Deployment versions you are familiar with:
Comparison of Functionalities of OMA for NAV and OMA 365

OMA 365 operates on a local on-premise installation:
  • OMA reads and writes directly to the setup’s working directory.
  • OMA has its own common dialog page to select files and folders.
  • OMA can use a URL scheme to launch your compare tool and visual code. It writes an entry to the registry which makes the URL omalaunch:omalaunch runs a vbs script.
All three bullets assume you are working on the same computer as the server.

OMA 365 for Business Central on-prem let's you optimize your workflow in Business Central in a way that you are used to with OMA for NAV. If you require training for OMA 365, please contact