ShipIT 365 19.6.10925.1 Release

Nov 8, 2021 by Elleke Braaksma

The next version of ShipIT 365 is available now for BC 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. Update your ShipT 365 extension now via AppSource or by downloading the latest app file from the idyn portal.

ShipIT 365 19.6.10925.1 contains the following improvements:

  • The splitting of addresses into a street and a house number has been improved.
  • Improvements for the calculation of ShipIT Quantity to Send on posted - and unposted documents.
    • On posted documents, the Quantity to Send is cleared when the Transport Order has been created.
    • On unposted documents, the Shipped Quantities and the Quantity to Ship are taken into account when determining the Qty. to Send.
    • The calculation of ShipIT Quantity to Send has also been improved when working with Warehouse Shipments.
    • When Transport Orders are deleted or when Quantities are manually adjusted on the Transport Order the Qty. to Send is automatically recalculated.
  • The creation of the Transport Orders is now partly integrated with the posting routine when the system is set up to automatically create transport orders based on posted documents.
    So, when the creation of the Transport Order fails the entire posting is reverted.
    The advantage of this is that corrections can still be made on the unposted document when an issue occurs in the creation of the Transport Order.
  • In the situation before this adjustment, the Transport Order would not exist, but the document was already posted.
    As a consequence, manually creating the Transport Order from a posted document would fail too.
  • This release is also available on BC19.
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