idyn / Continia 2018 business update

Mar 30, 2018 by Henno Poesse

As you may have heard, changes are taking place at the idyn office. We are pleased to inform you about the following:

Over the past five years, idyn has been a successful Continia partner in the Netherlands and the UK, marketing, selling and implementing Document Capture, Document Output and Expense Management. These Continia add-ons all focus on bookkeeping, where the main idyn add-ons focus on e-commerce, integration solutions and development tools.

As a result of this growth and the different characteristics of idyn and Continia products, both parties see an advantage in focusing on their own products.

Per April 1, 2018, the Dutch and UK sales and marketing of Continia products will migrate from idyn to Continia, but will keep a Dutch touch. As part of this migration, Continia has found idyn's Martijn Knevel and Martijn Holterman willing to become a part of the Continia company and to set up a local subsidiary for the Dutch and UK market.

This offers idyn the possibility to renew our focus on the development of existing products and customer relations. In addition, we have already put a lot of effort in the development of new and exciting products to add to the idyn portfolio. We will inform you about these products later in Q2.

Due to the departure of Martijn Knevel and Martijn Holterman, the sales team per April 1, 2018 will consist of:

Name Role Contact details
Henno Poesse CEO
General management and product development.
+31 64 826 83 98
Nicolas Lambrechts Accountmanager, sales and customer relations.
ConnectIT, ShipIT, Document Creator, Object Manager Advanced and NAVcommerce.
+31 86 525 01 92
Tys van den Heuvel Productmanager, sales
ConnectIT, ShipIT and Object Manager Advanced and NAVcommerce.
+31 62 422 73 43
Ruud van Loenhout Orders and maintenance.